Winnie the Pooh wins hearts after consoling a fight with Deji online

Winnie Hacker of the TikTok team won boxing fight YouTuber Deji Olatunji with TKO in the background during Battle of the Platforms.

«Platform battlePresented a total of seven fights, with Austin McBrom winning the main event against Bryce Hall. Regardless, Deji was the favorite in his fight against the Hacker, as the latter had never fought before.

Deji is the brother of YouTuber Olajide “KSI” William Olatunji և previously fought with ake ike Paul. Winnie the Pooh finally consoled Dejie for his loss after he found himself terrified after the loss.

Winnie the Pooh delights fans after consoling Dej for his loss

Deji had been involved with him before intense struggle vs. YouTuber – ake ik Paul, in August 2018. His brother, KSI, had a white-collar fight against Logan Paul, the main event of which was the fight of Dejie և aike Paul. Regardless, the fans expected that Deji would be in better shape, surpassing Winnie the Pooh.

But that did not happen as the 19-year-old TikTok star won his first fight via TKO in the third round. Earlier, Dej had to stay in Mexico for two weeks due to coronavirus restrictions, as fans speculated that this could affect his overall training. Regardless, Dej was very excited after the fight, causing Winnie Hacker to comfort his opponent.

The hacker talked to Dejie for a long time, after which they both hugged. Winnie Hacker was the only member of the TickTock team to win the night’s fight, which was the highlight of the event.

However, his reaction after the fight impressed the fans. Deji later took to Twitter to claim that he had “failed” and “finally got a light chat” from his brother.

Multiple Reddit since the June 12 fight messages: appeared by countless Twitter users who also posted about it. Obviously, people congratulated Winnie on his victory and were impressed by his reaction. Others said that Dejie looked obviously unfit, especially in terms of fitness compared to Paul’s level of fitness.

Others liked YouTuber and were impressed with how Winnie the Hacker handled the situation. Regardless of what can be seen in the above tweet, Deji promised to “jump back” and said that his fitness allows him to retreat.

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