Why did UFC champion Israel Adesanyan claim that his teammate Fau Vake was killed?

UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesania is not one of those friends who forgets even the greatest moments.

Defending his 185-pound belt at UFC 263 for the third time against Marvin Vettori of the Italian Dream, Israel Adesania dedicated his victory to his recently deceased friend և to his City Kickboxing teammate Fau Vake,

“Formal before any formality, like my teammate Brad [Riddell] said one of our boys, one of the boys who was on his way to the UFC, was killed Let’s not suffocate, he was killed by a few bandits who roam free. But I just want to say Fau Vake, Fau Vake, Fau Vake, I love you man … this fight I dedicate to you Fau. Even in his last sparring with me, he spoiled my a * s. That’s why I have to give you a loan. “Believe me, I’m never going to get that one back, but I’m glad you blew what I said in our last sparring,” Israel Adesania said in a post-war interview with Rogan.

Fau Wake died last month after being seriously injured in an attack on Simmonds Street in downtown Auckland. Four men were arrested after the incident.

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Wake was a promising mixed martial arts expert ը the brother of City Kickboxing’s wrestling coach John on Wake.

Israel Adesania wrote a touching tribute To Fau Wake a few days after his death.

Although Fau Vake spent a week in hospital recovering from his injuries, it is clear that Israel Adesanyan and his other teammates consider it an assassination attempt.

Israel Adesanya’s teammate Brad Riedel also pays tribute to Fau Vake

Earlier, Israel Adesania City Kickboxing partner Brad Riddle also paid a similar tribute to their dead teammate. After winning the trio against 13th-ranked lightweight Drew Dobber, Riddle found that he had respect for Fau Wake’s family by walking to the same song that Fau Wake used as his outgoing music.

“My boyfriend was killed two weeks ago, so I was never going to lose this fight … The song that came out might have sounded a little weird, but it was the song that came out. “It was a tribute to his family, because never take this walk, but I miss you, Faw, I hope you are proud,” said Brad Riddle.

Both Israel Adesania and Brad Riedel were present at Faw Wake’s funeral, which took place at the Free Wesleyan Church in Tunga Twingapapay, Tonga, Favona, Auckland, a week after the attack. His coffin featured the symbol of City Kickboxing.

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