The global advertising spending forecast will grow this year

Global advertising spending is projected to rise this year, a record 14 percent higher than all the historical records when the global economy emerges from the epidemic with a sporting and consumer summer reputation.

Close-up forecasts by Magna Research Group, part of Ign Mediabrands, predict that global spending by marketers will increase from $ 78 billion to $ 657 billion, largely due to the booming digital advertising market.

Vincent Letang, who conducts research agency global forecasts, said it was “the biggest annual advertising growth seen by Magna” that exceeds previous predictions from major media sales agencies.

The positive trend, which is expected in all major markets, is a stimulus for advertising holding groups such as P EC:, Omnicom և IPG, as well as traditional media owners.

But Magna expects the lion’s share of new spending to go to digital advertising, where Google և Facebook are the dominant players.

The projected 15 percent increase in the US market is the highest in the last four decades և 9 percentage points higher than the previous estimates of Magna, in particular due to the pickup of consumption վերադարձ the return of major sporting events.

Advertising costs, especially in the traditional media, were initially severely affected by epidemic blockades. But the rapid transition to online marketing has boosted global platforms such as Google, Facebook and Alibaba, limiting overall global advertising spending by only 2.5 percent in 2020.

Magna expects e-commerce և online marketing to continue to grow this year, capturing the vast majority of sales recovery with digital advertising scales. Digital advertising is projected to grow by 20 percent, or about 64 percent of total ad sales in 2021.

On the contrary, traditional advertising media – print, magazines, billboards, radio – are expected to return to growth, but only at a much more modest 3% rate.

Magna expects the return of beverages, car ads, summer sports, including the Euro 2000 football tournament, and the Olympic Games in Aponia to help traditional television, at higher prices, reduce the number of viewers. Newspaper advertising sales, however, are expected to fall by 4% even this year.

Each of the 70 Magna-controlled advertising markets in the world is expected to see an increase in marketing costs, with the UK leading the way with 16.8%, China with 16% and Brazil with 15.2%.

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