Paul Heyman has an interesting quote about RAW on Monday night

Paul Hayman He is known to be one of the greatest individuals to ever hold a microphone in the professional wrestling ring. He is known for his eloquent speeches and equally sharp assessments.

in the most recent episode Talking Smack, Paul Hayman appeared at the broadcast table next to an unknown person.

On Monday night, RAW’s Kevin Patrick replaced Kayla Braxton. Hayman was obviously unhappy with that, being a creature of his habit.

He was going to congratulate Raw The broadcaster even slyly rumored its progress during RAW on Monday night. Paul Hayman called the show “incredible”, but not with the intent to think.

In this case, Hayman called RAW “unbelievable”, claiming that it had no credibility. However, he congratulated Patrick, who is usually a landlord Raw conversation,

“I know you came from RAW. That show is incredible, but now you’re done. The big fish in the small pond, այստեղ here you are, sitting next to a legend. God’s gift to sports entertainment – truly a national treasure. So congratulations on your progress. Congratulations on completing RAW! ” said Paul Hayman

To put it mildly, it’s an interesting take on Paul Hayman. It’s not hard to understand where he comes from, SmackDown would definitely be a much more intriguing show than RAW.

Paul Hayman was the CEO of RAW on Monday night

Prior to taking on the role of Roman Ryanes Special Adviser, WWE appointed Paul Hayman as RAW Executive Director on Monday night. Unfortunately, this was a short-lived role for Hayman, who resigned just one month after taking office.

During his role, Hayman was credited with nurturing high talent, putting a lot of pressure on him, including former WWE superstar Alistair Black and current star Angel Garza.

His dismissal was believed to be based on WWE’s attempt to direct both RAW and SmackDown under one director.

What do you think of Paul Hayman running for CEO of RAW? Should he have been given more time in the role? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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