On the last day of the G7 summit, the UK-EU sausages spit on the rumors | Brexit News:

Britain accuses France of “offensive” expressions that Northern Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom.

Rising tensions between Britain and the European Union have threatened to cast a shadow over Sunday at the G7 summit, with London accusing France of making “offensive” remarks that Northern Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom.

Since 2016, when the UK voted to leave the EU, both sides have been trying to figure out how to deal with Brexit, a British state that shares a land border with EU member Ireland.

Eventually, the negotiations return to the delicate mix of history, nationalism, religion, and geography that are intertwined in Northern Ireland, but the latest developments in the Brexit divorce deal are focused on sausages.

Both sides accuse each other of sowing discord at the G7 summit.

Brussels is outraged by London’s refusal to inspect goods from England, Scotland and Wales to Northern Ireland.

Negotiations broke down earlier this week,: The EU threatens to retaliate if Britain unilaterally extends the grace period for frozen meat, including sausages, next month.

The issue was raised again when Prime Minister Boris John Onson met with French President Emanuel Macron for talks as part of the G7 summit on Saturday.

According to a source in the president’s office, John Onson asked the French leader to imagine if the sale of Toulouse sausages was banned in Paris, which “surprised” Macron.

“He told her that Toulouse was part of the same territory, which is not the case in Northern Ireland, as it is separated from the UK by the Irish Sea.

“They are different geographical configurations, we compare things that are not comparable at all.”

According to British media reports, Macron responded by incorrectly saying that Northern Ireland was not part of the United Kingdom, said British Foreign Secretary Dominique Raab as “offensive”.

According to the Sunday Times, John Onson is furious. “Northern Ireland and Britain are part of the same country,” he told Macron.

The bilateral pilot exchange explains John Onson’s comments on Saturday that “some of our friends … seem to misunderstand that the United Kingdom is one country, one territory.

“I think they just have to put it in their head,” he told Sky News, threatening to end the Brexit trade deal if the situation is not resolved.

Macron called for calm from all sides at a news conference following the summit on Sunday. “We are not going to argue about this every day,” he said.

“France has never questioned British sovereignty, the integrity of British territory, the respect for that sovereignty,” he added.

Closing Onson concluded his closing remarks, although he reaffirmed his commitment to “doing all that is necessary to protect the territorial integrity of the United Kingdom”, saying he had repeatedly told European leaders that Britain was “indivisible”. :

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