Israeli Knesset to vote on new government to end Netanyahu’s rule Benjamin Netanyahu News:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year term will end on Sunday as parliament votes on a new government, beginning an administration that promises to heal a country that has been brutally torn apart by the departure of its longest-serving leader.

Netanyahu, 71, the most dominant Israeli politician of his generation, failed to form a government after the March 23 election in Israel, the fourth in four years.

The new cabinet, which will be sworn in after the Knesset vote of confidence, which it is expected to elect, was tangled together by center-right opposition leader Yair Lapid’s extreme nationalist Naftali Bennett.

Bennett, a high-tech millionaire, will run for prime minister for two years before Lapid, the former popular TV host, takes over.

They will head a government made up of parties from the political spectrum, including for the first time one representing the 21 per cent Arab minority. They mainly plan to avoid step-by-step steps on international issues with hot buttons, such as the policy towards the Palestinians, while they focus on domestic reforms.

2021 Israeli protesters make a gesture during a rally against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in front of his residence in Jerusalem on June 12. [Emmanuel Dunand/ AFP]

With little or no progress in resolving the decades-long conflict with Israel, many Palestinians will not be upset by the change of administration, saying that Bennett is likely to return to the same right-wing agenda as Netanyahu.

Ye review Bibi:

With his polished English դեմ baritone rising voice, Netanyahu has become the face of Israel. Serving his first term as Prime Minister in the 1990s, winning four consecutive terms since 2009, he is a polar figure both abroad and at home.

Netanyahu, often referred to as Bibi, is loved by his tough supporters and disgusting critics. His ongoing corruption trials, which he denies, have only widened the gap.

His opponents have long denounced Netanyahu’s divisive rhetoric and political tactics, subordinating state interests to his political existence. Some have called him the “Minister of Crime”, accused him of mismanaging the coronavirus crisis, and its economic consequences.

To mark the end of Netanyahu’s era, celebrations by his opponents began late Saturday night near his official residence in Jerusalem, where last year there were weekly protests against the right-wing leader, with a black poster on the wall that read: “Bye Bye, Bibi, Bye bye”, while the demonstrators sang, hit percussion instruments and danced.

But for Netanyahu’s large, loyal base of voters, the removal of “King Bibi,” as some say, may be hard to accept. His supporters are outraged by what he sees as the country turns its back on its security leader, a bulwark against international sanctions, any move to a Palestinian state, even if it promotes diplomatic deals with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco. Sudan

However, neither those steps nor the role he played in securing the COVID-19 vaccine’s vaccination campaign around the world were enough to give Netanyahu’s Likud party enough votes to run for a sixth term.

In particular, Bennett sparked outrage from inside the right-wing camp for breaking his campaign promise by joining forces with Lapid. He argued that the move would be a disaster for Israel in another election, which would probably have been called without a government.

And he, Lapid said, wanted to overcome political differences and unite the Israelis under a government that would work hard for all its citizens.

Their cabinet is facing serious diplomatic, security and financial challenges. Iran, fragile ceasefire with Palestinian militants in Gaza, International Criminal Court investigates war crimes տնտեսական economic recovery following coronavirus epidemic.

In addition, their party’s Crocodile Coalition, led by a staggering majority in parliament, 61 of the 120 seats in the Knesset, still has to fight Netanyahu, who will no doubt be the opposition leader.

And no one rules out Netanyahu’s return.

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