Israel Adesanya gives its UFC belt to MMA superstar Boogerbeard after UFC 263 victory

UFC welterweight champion Israel Adesania’s heartbreaking gesture in the wake of UFC 263 over MMA superstar Boogerbeard has undoubtedly won many hearts in the MMA community. After his landslide victory at UFC 263, Israel Adesania was seen hugging and then giving the belt to Boogerbeard before going to the locker room.

Adesanya also sponsored Boogerbeard tickets to UFC 263, the latter clearly rejoicing after winning the title. He posted a video on Twitter saying how happy he was to witness a live event for the first time in his life. Overcoming the Emot trains, Bugerbard said it was “the best night of his life.”

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Israel Adesania earns bragging rights over Marvin Vettori in return match

Adesania held an absolute master class last night to beat Marvin Vettori in their return match. Unlike the first time, in this fight it became clear that the winner was և it is none other than the defending champion, “The Last Style”. Israel Adesanyan dominated all aspects of the game, completely excluding his opponent, on the way to a victory of the dominant unanimous decision.

Adesania’s unpredictable blow was just too much for Vettori. Before he defeated the champion several times, Israel Adesanyan got up almost immediately. Easy’s kicks deprived Vettori of his ability to move, he became a static target for the champion to shoot.

Israel Adesania’s dominance in the fight is proved by the fact that all the referees registered the match 50-45 in favor of the champion. Although Vettori was not happy with the decision, he had no choice but to move on. Adesanya will probably work with it alongside former champion Robert Whitaker.

However, Israel Adesanyan wants the fight to take place in his hometown of Auckland, New Zealand. The first fight between Whitaker “Adesania” took place in Australia, where “The Reaper” lives.

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