“I hope one day I can reach half of what he has”

Stefanos its ipipas was far from winning his Grand Slam title Roland Garros Sunday. But the Greek trembled as if inspired Novak Dj Okovich overcame the deficit of two sets to win 6-7 (6), 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-4 to win his 19th major title.

With the victory, Dj Okovic became the first person in the Open Era to win twice each Grand Slam trophy. “He’s just one helmet behind Roger Federer.” Rafael Nadal, which are associated with every 20 majors.

Speaking at the trophy ceremony: Stefanos its ipipas paid tribute to No. 1 in the world, praising the Serb for his amazing level of consistency.

“Great fight, great fight there, I tried my best,” said the desperate Ts Tsipas. “It was the first time I played here in the final. “I would say I had a good run, I’m happy with myself, but let’s give up the rookie, because over the last few years he has shown us how great a champion he is, how consistent he has been.”

Stefanos its ipisas said that he was inspired by the fact that the Serb is dominant in sports, and he hopes that during his career he will reach “half” of what half of ովokovi ունեցած has.

“I would say that I am inspired by the things he has achieved so far,” Stefanos continued. “I hope one day I may be able to do half of what he did.

“I am convinced that it is not only Novak, his team helps him get there. It’s been a team effort over the last few years, even though we are there as individuals who play for us. So be there … ”

“I would like to thank the Greek fans,” said Stefanos

Stefanos its ipipas
Stefanos its ipipas

Stefanos ipisas ipasas was well received by the Greek audience at the Court of Philippe Chatire. They chanted his name loudly all the time, trying to push him to victory.

Ts Tsipas thanked his fans as well as his team for supporting him throughout.

“Have a great week here at the French Open, I would like to thank the Greek fans who came,” said Stefanos. “My team, which was constantly gathering me, helps me achieve my dreams. It is a difficult road, it requires a lot of work every day. So thank you to Roland Garros for making these two weeks so incredible for me. I hope to come back next year and show a good performance again. ”

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