Galaxy Racer failed to win PMPL EMEA

The first season PUBG Mobile Pro League Arabia (PMPL) Finals ended today. After a rough action of 3 days և 18 matches between the best 16 teams, Gunz Esports: secured the first place. Rico Infinity Team և SUDOR Esport finished second and third respectively.

The top 5 teams also won the upcoming PMPL EMEA Championship, which is scheduled for later this month.

Unfortunately, the favorite team of fans from India, Galaxy Racer:, failed to qualify for the EMEA Championship as they finished 8th with 136 points and 67 kills. Earlier in the league, GXR finished 12th.

Galaxy Racer stutters PMPL in Arabia

PMPL Season 1 Overall Arab League Final standings
PMPL Season 1 Overall Arab League Final standings

The Galaxy Racer only managed to secure a unique dinner in the finals, which is also the last day. The rest of the day the team looked unsatisfactory. A series of late turns in many matches saw the team caught up in the blue belt and killed.

PMPL Season 1 Overall Arab League Final standings
PMPL Season 1 Overall Arab League Final standings

However, they showed exceptional weapons and performed well in matches in which the belt was in their favor. The team’s performances can be attributed to the fact that the detachment was formed only in April of this year, it was not possible to create a proper synergy in such a short period of time.

Shifting the region from India to Arabia could also be a reason for average performance, as the team was not accustomed to the meta of the region, which is heavily focused on utilities. Having said that, the team will probably see this performance as part of a learning curve, trying to improve on their shortcomings.

GUNZ Esport performed exceptionally well in the tournament, as the team won both the PMPL League round and the competition finals. They showed perfect rotations գերազանց excellent firepower և, generally dominating the lobby.

The top 5 teams from PMPL Arabia also qualified for the EMEA Championship, where teams from Europe, the Middle East and Africa will compete. The tournament, which is scheduled to start on June 24, promises to be fun for the spectators.

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