3 UFC fights that are rarely knocked out

The classic fighter fighting archetype is a very fading style in modern MMA, and now UFC fighters are learning to adapt. However, there are still a few selected fighters who are able to use this style at the highest level.

Gone are the days of legendary fights like Chris Leben, Diego Sanchez and BJP Penn. In many ways, they have been replaced by new archetypes and styles, such as the ever-evolving nature of mixed martial arts.

3 UFC fights that are rarely knocked out

The following is a list of three fighters who still compete at the highest level in a style that can only be described as a fight. These fighters managed to continue to practice the style, mainly because they could just shoot.

# 3 Justin Gaethje:

Astin Gatezh is interesting about a classic fight fight. He entered the UFC with the sole purpose of inflicting incessant damage on anyone who stood against him in the octagon, no matter what the penalty.

This style immediately made him a fan favorite, but he started doing damage to his body. Instead of pursuing a path of physical deterioration, Gaetz changed his style slightly.

He still attacks with the classic mindset of a classic fight, but using the head movement և solid defense that coach Traor Whitman instilled in him, he rarely has knockout losses. Even if his defense fails, Gaethje still has incredible natural strength to stand back.

# 2 Chan Sung Jung

How could “The: Korean Zombie:“Won’t you be part of such a list?” Chan Sung Jung was given the nickname in view of continuing to walk in the ranks of his opponents, not to take a step back, no matter what the opponents throw at him.

His undisguised tenacity saw him dominate the greatest fighters of all time in the UFC, including the likes of Frankie Edgar and Dustin Poirier. Even in his last fight in the UFC, he hit one of Brian Ortega’s some huge hits and just kept going. Jung later revealed that he had no recollection of the fight last semester.

# 1 Nate Diaz

When was the suspicion? Nate Diaz is an epidemic of the classic fight stereotype. He has all the necessary skills and physical qualities to make such a style effective.

His gentle boxing, incredible heart and open willingness to exchange with any opponent have given us the best fights of all time. His UFC career has fluctuated somewhat Diaz collecting various victories and defeats. However, he always had a desire for scraps և will undoubtedly fall as the greatest of all time in the UFC.

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