PUBG New State (Mobile) allows players to collect chopped enemies as teammates

PUBG New State has been one of the hottest games on the mobile platform. In February, the title of combat piano was opened by the South Korean Krafton inc. The company և therefore initial registrations continue from that time.

It received a huge response, exceeding 10 million registrations.

Alpha tests for PUBG New State were announced in May, and registrations were conducted for them. Both started quite recently և revealed some features of the title. Team Up Squad mode was one such unique aspect.

This article discusses this type of PUBG New State compliance.

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PUBG New State. Team Up Squad mode allows players to recruit enemies as teammates

Recently started PUBG New State alpha tests (Image via PUBG New State)
Recently started PUBG New State alpha tests (Image via PUBG New State)

PUBG New State will have several new features that will set it apart from other BR titles on the mobile platform, including Team Up Squad mode. In the Alpha test, players were able to try it.

Down but not Out (DBNO) mode is included in the mode but has a new turn. Players can recruit those who are in the state of DBNO during the game.

Users can create a squad of four members; և if someone fails, they can recover to keep the team together. There is an interesting turn to the mode. Players can also recruit enemies in their units in DBNO.

Here are some other features of PUBG New State Alpha:

1) Search for unmanned aerial vehicles. Notice the enemies on the spot և have a tactical advantage.

2) Trams. Move և Move fast around the map.

3) Installed shields. Cover up during battles.

Readers can tap here: to check the detailed features.

PUBG new state release

The developers have not announced the exact release date of PUBG New State, but they say they plan to release it in the second half of 2021.

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