IND vs ENG. “You can not have cricketers struggling to make ends meet”

Team India is off-side Ravichandra Ashvin advocated a contract system for Indian indoor cricketers that would provide them with some financial stability.

Reports to first-class cricketers! financial places due to cancellation Ranji Trophy: The COVID-19 epidemic has come to the fore.

In the interview Sports Star:, Ravichandra Ashvin He noted that first-class cricketers generally have a short career span, not all of whom retire to broadcasting or coaching after retirement. Therefore, it is possible to take care of the financial well-being of these players. Off-spinner detailed in this connection.

“I have always believed that first-class cricketers should have something to fall back on. Today the epidemic has put the situation in perspective. You can’t have cricketers struggling to make ends meet. I have always believed that the State team is obliged to keep its primary cricketers through contracts, to take care of them, to manage them. They have a short life span. “A first-class cricketer can play for 10-15 years at best.”

Ravichandra Ashvin continued.

“If there are contracts, the players have a starting line-up, because not everyone starts broadcasting or training. Unlike in the past, there are not many government jobs or even corporate jobs. The state contracts of your top 20-25 cricketers are very important, and the way those contracts are used should also be standardized. ”

Ravichandra before Ashwin, a former Indian bat VVS Laxman:also supported the contract system of First Class players. According to Laxman, native cricketers can be corrected if they get injured and lose their income. In a conversation with Sportstar, he expressed an opinion.

“I have been saying for a long time that first-class cricketers should get contracts from their state unions, given that they are sacrificing everything, they are dedicated to this game. It is very possible that the contract will be handed over, because what happens to the player if he is suddenly injured? “Suddenly there is no income for that player. If that player does not have a job, how is he going to take care of himself and his family?”

Last year at their AGM, BCCI: offered a compensation package for native cricketers, but the same is still being planned.

Do you want to contribute to the society, to reach more people? Ravichandran Ashwin on social media use

The use of social media by cricket players has been scanned amid Olli Robinson’s tweet controversy. Ravichandra Ashwin, who has a strong opinion on social media, responded to Robinson’s problem.

According to the 34-year-old, he wants to contribute to the society through the responsible use of social media, detailing in this regard.

“When it comes to social issues, the coin has two sides. One of them is the responsibility that I have to take on as someone that people know. The second is what I think about the problem. I can not distract people from that. I will take them out for me. “

Ravichandra Ashvin continued.

“No one bothered me, did not tell me to do it, but I have certain beliefs that I will show with the egg I like. There are certain issues that I know I am not aware of, and I will never talk about them until I am well informed. People will come out with their opinion, և I have to bring things և do them delicately. I want to contribute to society and reach more people. ”

Ravichandra Ashwin is currently in England with the Indian Test Team, which will play the World Test Test (WTC) final in New Zealand in Southampton, followed by five test series against England.

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