“I am sad, but it is not a disaster”

Defending: Roland Garros champion Rafael Nadal A major came out of the clay court Novak Dj Okovich in the semifinals on Friday.

The 3-6, 6-3, 7-6 (4), 6-2 defeat is only the third time Nadal has lost in the French Open.

Rafael Nadal and Novak Okovic played amazing tennis for most of their four-hour match, but in the end it was the Serb’s superior physicality and consistency that made him see it.

Rafael Nadal, whose bid to win Roland Garros’ record 14th title extension has ended, has admitted that he was disappointed with the loss. But the Spaniard stated that he would try not to affect the result.

“I’m sad, I lost the most important tournament of the year for me,” Rafael Nadal told a post – match press conference. “But it’s just a defeat on the tennis court, you know, I’ll be home with my family tomorrow. That’s good”:

Rafael Nadal insists that he can not forever dominate at Roland Garros, that he does not consider his loss to Novak Okovich a “disaster”.

“My chances of winning here are not eternal,” said Nadal. “In our sport you have to accept ‘victory’ or ‘defeat’. I know I can not win the tournament 15, 18, 20 times. It’s not a disaster at all. “

Mallorca thinks he fought very hard, but lost to a top player.

“Credit to him. What can I say? “I gained a lot here, but today I could not, it is a reality,” said Nadal. “It was probably not my best day today, even if I was fighting. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I had a great chance. There were crazy points. Fatigue is there. Well, well done for him. Good fight for him. I tried my best. The better player deserved to win. He deserved it. “

Novak Dj Okovich
Novak Dj Okovich

The Spaniard, who seemed to have a left ankle problem at the end of the match, said that he left it all on the field. Nadal added that conditions were slower than usual, but insisted that Novak okovich had adapted better that day.

“I left it all there, physically and mentally,” Mallorca said. “I can play better, it’s a reality. It was evening, conditions were slower. That’s not an excuse, he adapted better, my shots do not have the same ohm when it does. “

I know that every year the opportunities are less. Rafael Nadal

After the Serb, Rafael Nadal congratulates Novak okovich
Rafael Nadal congratulates Novak okovich after the victory of the Serb

Rafael Nadal will turn 36 next year during Roland Garros. The Spaniard said he was aware that his chances of winning in Paris were diminishing over time. But World No. 3 is confident that it will return next year with the same intensity.

“The years go by, I know there are fewer chances every year,” said Rafael Nadal. “It’s a very strong tournament for me, but I know you can’t win every time. I will come back next year with the same attitude I used to have. I have played against one of the best ever.”

They asked to be informed about their schedule for the upcoming season. Rafael Nadal said he would take some time off before thinking about his calendar.

“This is not a moment to be satisfied,” Nadal added. “But this is not the time to create drama. I need to relax a little, physically, mentally, and then tell what my schedule is. ”

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