“Definitely the best match I have ever played at Roland Garros, in the top three in general.”

In the semifinals of the tournament on Friday, world number one Novak Okovich won a shock victory over 13-time Roland Garros champion Rafael Nadal. Both Djokovic and Nadal played some sublime tennis to produce four electrified sets that took more than four hours to complete.

The Serb did not start well, and in the first set he was behind 0-5 in one round. But he managed to make a sensational turn in a game that is already considered one of the best in the history of the sport.

In the end, Novak Dj Okovic won 3-6, 6-3, 7-6 (4), 6-2, giving the kidnapped crowd of Philip Chatrier a real pleasure in the process. Social media was full of dissatisfaction with the quality of the game throughout, և in his own press ocovich himself expressed the same reaction.

“Definitely the best match I’ve ever played at Roland Garros, in the top three in general,” said Djokovic. “Playing my biggest opponent on the pitch, he has been a dominant force for so long. Electrical atmosphere. One of the nights you remember forever. ”

The 34-year-old explained how he overcame his slow start, how the efficiency of his service helped him to the end.

“Although I did not have a great start, I felt that I was hitting the ball well, that I had to get into his game and adapt to his ball,” said Dj Okovic. “I found my ministry when I had a break in the fourth. Tonight the service was not a big weapon, but it clicked on 0-2. “

Novak okovich confident he can recover in time for Stefanos’s final against his ipipas

Novak Dj Okovich
Novak Dj Okovich

Although their match did not take place in five sets like in the first semi-final, Novak Okovich և Rafael Nadal spent four hours and 11 minutes in a fierce fight. The meeting was extremely physical and tiring. The duo played a series of long rallies.

Djokovic, however, is confident that he will recover in time for Sunday’s final against Stefanos Tsipas.

“My recovery capacity is very good, my physiology will be maintained. “I take things in stride,” said Djokovic. “I know what I have to do.”

“I am not the freshest boy now, but I have one and a half days,” he added. “I will enjoy the victory a little, I will relax a little, I will start thinking about it tomorrow. Rest is the most important thing now.”

Novak ok ովkoviև և Stefanos its ipipas met last year in the semifinals of the same tournament, which the Serb won five intensive collections, Dj Okovic accepted the quality that Tsitsipas brings to the table, և used the unique Greek egg in the first half of this season.

“Ts Tsipas does not want to stop here,” said Dj Okovic. “He is leading the race rankings this year. Clay is his best surface. “Last year was an epic half, I need strength (to beat him).”

On Sunday, Novak Dj Okovic will score for his 19th major cup, and Stefanos will play his ipipas in the final of his first Grand Slam Grand Slam.

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