“Conspiracy against him to portray him as a criminal”

Bangladesh և Muhammadan Sports Club Shakib Al Hassan captured the headlines for all the wrong reasons after losing its coolness during a Dhaka Premier League T20 game. However, Southpaw’s wife, Umm Ahmed Shishir, defended her husband, saying it was a conspiracy against Shakib to present him as a criminal.

Shakib Al Hassan lost his coolness twice in the match between Mohammedan Sporting Club and Abahani Limited. The first outburst occurred when a judge dismissed an appeal against LBW. Mushfikur Rahim, Shakib is going to kick the trunks.

He then saw him hit from the midfield, uprooting all three trunks at the end of the non-strike attack when the field referees decided to call for a rain break.

Shakib’s wife, Ummah, accepted Facebook: to write about how the real issue of poor tenure was buried against the background of disputes over her husband.

“I like this incident as much as the media, finally some news on TV. It is wonderful to see the support of people who see a clear picture of today’s incident, at least someone is cunning to face all the possibilities. However, it is unfortunate to see that issue LMs are buried in the main problem, which only emphasizes his anger. ”

He described the plight of Shakib al-Hassan as “just because he was in the news” and instead of raising questions about his arrogance. To whom did he add?

“The main issue is the continuous attractive decisions of the referees. The headlines are really sad. To me, this is a conspiracy against him, which for some time continues to be perceived as a criminal in all circumstances. If you are a cricket lover, beware of your actions. ”

Shakib Al Hassan apologizes for his actions

Shakib al-Hassan quickly realized his mistake, given the media reaction, and issued a statement after the game apologizing for what he called a “human error.” Shakib wrote on his official Facebook account.

“Dear fans, followers, I regret that I lost my patience, spoiled the meeting for everyone, especially those who watch from home. “An experienced player like me should not have reacted that way, but sometimes, despite everything, it happens. I apologize to the teams, the management, the tournament officials, the organizing committee for this human error.”

Shakib al-Hassan made his return to the international cricket earlier this year after being given a 12-month ban in 2019. Comprehensive person found guilty of three counts under ICC Anti-Corruption Code, where he failed to disclose a cookie

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