$ 28 million spaceflight Bezos space flight ticket

A ticket to a short space trip with Bezos, the founder of Amazon, sold for $ 28 million at auction last month.

The bidding process, which began in early May, submitted bids from more than 7,000 entrants from 159 countries, according to Blue Origin. The price stood at $ 4.8 million ahead of Saturday’s live auction, which went live online.

The identity of the winner has not yet been announced, but will be revealed in the coming weeks, according to Blue Origin.

Whoever it is, he will travel with three other travelers, including Bezos and his younger brother Mark. The company informs that it will soon become known about the “fourth և last” route.

Approximately 10 minutes from launch to landing, three of which will be spent in zero gravity, the route will cost the winning bidder more than $ 9 million per minute spent in space.

The winning application will be awarded to Club for the Future, a Blue Origin Foundation focused on STEM education programs.

The launch is expected to take place in Texas on July 20, 15 days after Bezos resigned as CEO of Amazon.

A company spokesman declined to comment on whether Bezos’s term of office was linked to his desire to be the first passenger on the company.

“I’ve been dreaming of space since I was five,” Bezos said in an Instagram post last week.

“On July 20, I will go that way with my brother. The biggest adventure with my best friend. “

To date, 15 test flights of the New Shepard capsule have been performed. Everyone succeeded, except for the first, in April 2015, when the rocket landed and the capsule returned safely to Earth.

If successful, the New Shepard capsule flight will be the first commercial space flight to take civilians across the Karman Line, the internationally recognized edge of space more than 60 miles above Earth.

However, Blue Origin’s schedule is reportedly rushed by Virgin Galactic, a rival space tourism company founded by Sir Richard Branson, to advance its plans.

“Look at this area. Businessman: wrote in a recent tweet, The company held a Successful test last month,

Blue Origin, which has so far been fully banked by Bezos as a means of selling its shares in Amazon, did not provide details on future pricing, but said it would visit “more competitive” bidders to show interest in upcoming flights.

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