12 teams receive confirmed places through direct invitation

International, the annual Dota 2 tournament, kicks off on August 5th.

The selection system at The Internationals includes 12 direct invitations. These are the teams that are in the top 12 of the DPC leaders after two seasons. how AniMajor: moves the mess between Evil Geniuses, T1 և PSG և. LGD, this year’s direct TI invitations are closed.

The following teams have confirmed their places in TI 2021 with Dota 2

  • Evil geniuses
  • PS G. LGD
  • Virtus.Pro:
  • Quincy Crew
  • Invictus Gaming:
  • T1:
  • Vici Gaming:
  • Team Secret:
  • Team Aster:
  • Alliance:
  • beast
  • Thunder predator

What is the points system?

DPC points, of course, are an indicator of a team’s one-year performance. This is the system through which the 96 supporters of the tier-1 pro scene are filtered into 18 teams that participate in the TI each year.

The Dota 2 annual sports calendar is divided into two seasons. Six parallel Valve-sponsored regional tournaments take place throughout the season.

These six-week leagues are held among the top 18 teams in the region, divided into upper and lower divisions. The bottom two teams in the lower division are out of the league at the end of the season. To allow new squads to appear on tier-1 radars, these slots are open to both Open Qualification teams.

The best teams in the league standings then set foot in Dota 2 Major to end the season. This year, for example, ONE Esports Singapore Major finished the first season of DPC in March.

Why are live TI invitations now blocked?

Is approaching the end of the second season There has been a lot of speculation this year about which teams will be in TI. This uncertain situation was created due to the tension of points 9 to 13 of the DPC board.

The South American Beastcoast team failed to qualify for the AniMajor playoffs. Two playoff seed, Alliance և Team Aster, dropped out of the tournament, losing both their top and bottom divisions.

At the end of the first round of the play-offs in the lower brackets, the four teams of Dota 2 specialists (Alliance, Team Aster, beastcoasts, Thunder Predators), ranked 9th to 12th in the DPC, all had 800 points each. They were all out of AniMajor with no extra points. This meant that any of several Dota 2 AniMajor playoff results could change the leader’s balance sheet.

The Nigman team could have secured a direct invitation to TI if they had reached the AniMajor Grand Final.

However, with: Nigma removal After two zero bleaches in the hands of evil geniuses, the top 12 places in the DPC are stable.

Which teams complete the remaining six slots is up to Dota 2 TI election meetings this July,

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