WWE News Roundup (June 11, 2021)

We came back with one more fascination WWE: News summary to see the best stories in recent headlines. For example, The Undertaker talked about Roman Rice’s recent acting role in SmackDown.

The Bella twins have discussed their future return to the ring. Not long ago, Rene Packet revealed the details of a conversation with her husband about WWE.

Meanwhile, a former member of the Wyatt family recently posted on social media about his new look. In addition, the WWE Famer Hall mentioned how he “lied” to get a big superstar signed by the company years ago.

With that in mind, let’s dive into the latest WWE headlines.

# 5 The Undertaker praises WWE World Champion Roman Reigns

Over the past few months, many former WWE superstars have commented on the role of Roman Rains, a huge opponent. CM Punk: recently revealed his thoughts և Now a top legend like The Undertaker has discussed Reigns’ latest SmackDown standard.

The Undertaker was introduced in an interview a few days ago Sports Illustrated’s Just Astin BarrasonThe deceased revealed what he said to Roman Raines, his cousin Jay Uso at last year’s Survivor Series.

“I’m so proud of where he is,” said the Roof of the Earth. “Night of Survivor [in November]I went up to Roman և ey ացի and said: “This is the most public story we have ever told.” And where he could get it, it’s so good. It is not obligatory. “Roman hits all the cylinders.”

The Undertaker praised Paul Hayman for being the perfect microphone as a special adviser to the boss. He added that Hayman and Raines work quite well together on screen.

The Deadman battled Roman Reigns a few years ago during the main event of WrestleMania 33. While Reigns was a child at the time, his opponent was excellent, according to The Undertaker.

“I think he is a wonderful heel, cold-hearted, calculated,” continued the “Deadly Creator.” “There is a compelling back story. You still feel tense when Roman appears. Like I said, I’m really proud of him. I wish I had a tank of gas to work with him now. That would definitely be something special. “

Undertaker may no longer be active within the circle of the superstar, but Roman Raines’ career could take an intriguing turn in the next few months. WWE has is reported scheduled a big meeting for Reigns at SummerSlam 2021.

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