“Woodley got paid to fall”

UFC heavyweight Ike Vilanueva is in doubt Tyrone Woodleyin the upcoming boxing tournament Ake’s PaulHe thinks Woodley could have deliberately lost to Paul for a hefty salary.

Vilanueva is expected to challenge Marcin Pracnio to UFC Fight Night. Gane v. Volkov on June 26, 2021.

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda’s John on Hyun Ko, the 37-year-old footballer weighed in on the long-awaited match between Woodley and Paul.

“You’re throwing all this money at this guy (Tyrone Woodley). “She never made that much money,” Vilanueva told Sportskeeda. “I think Woodley was paid to fall. I’m not telling anyone (but) that it will happen, man. I hope not, but those guys are 190 pounds, 200 pounds, fighting over 170 little boys. So, I would like them to weigh as much as we do, ”he added.

Ik Vilanueva said he would be happy if Woodley finished Paul. However, given how the Paul brothers got into boxing, he remains skeptical about the game.

“I hope Tyrone does not fall. This is an ugly situation because I’m a big fan of Woodley. He pulls it, it’s great for him, but these guys do it differently. I do not know, man. That is a suspect. “

You can watch Ike Villanueva’s full interview below:

Ik Vilanueva predicts Marcin Pracnio to finish in second round at UFC Vegas 30

UFC Fight Night Chiesa v Magny:  Weigh-Ins:
UFC Fight Night Chiesa v Magny: Weigh-Ins:

Ike Villanueva’s next match in the UFC will be against Marcin Prachinho. The 32-year-old Polish fighter last challenged Khalil Runtry Jr. UFC 257: եց defeated him by unanimous decision. However, according to Villanu, it was Roundry who won the fight.

Predicting the outcome of his upcoming clash, Hurricane Ike said he would catch Pracinho with a test hook, which he did not show at the UFC.

“I respect him (Marcin Prachino), but Sam Alvin caught him with that check hook. I try to smile with my check hook in the same way as I think I got one of the best staples in the game. I just will not show it. I’m going to catch him. Let’s make a presentation. I do not believe the crowd, I come to fight. My job is to put on a show. Like I said, I’m thinking about the latter. round, I will catch him. I can not hurry it, but in the second round, I am going to catch him, “said Ike Vilanueva.

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