UFC middleweight Kevin Holland mocks fans with martial arts news

UFC: medium weight class Kevin Holland mocked the war news to his fans. Hollande posted on his official Instagram account, suggesting that he will probably announce his next fight very soon.

A few days ago, Kevin Hollande sent a similar message to his fans via Twitter. Hollande’s Instagram post contained his caricature, the headline of which hinted that he was going to announce war news sooner rather than later. Fans can check out Trailblazer’s Twitter and Instagram posts below.

Kevin Hollande’s message to his fans on both Twitter and Instagram read the following:

“Fighting news ???”

Many considered Kevin Holland to be the groundbreaking UFC star of the 2020 calendar year. The rising middleweight contender won five consecutive victories in 2020, equaling the record with Roger Huerta և Neil Magni to record the most UFC achievements in a calendar year.

The 28-year-old was widely praised for his striking skills, warning of KO’s strength. However, he has been widely criticized for his clash skills. Holland entered the year with the driving force of an incredibly successful campaign in 2020, but so far in 2021 he has not been able to win.

Kevin Holland’s first fight in 2021 against UFC middleweight team Play Brunson In the UFC via ESPN. Brunson v. The Netherlands (March 2021). The fight showed Hollande looking promising on his feet but fighting on the ground against his veteran opponent. The Netherlands thoroughly intervened in the fight and, by unanimous decision, lost to Brunson.

After that, Kevin Hollande took a short-term fight against Marvin vectors In the UFC on ABC. Vettori v. The Netherlands (April 2021). In addition to Brunson’s fight, this fight also saw the Netherlands impressively in the strikes section when they were paralyzed in the clashes section. In this game, the Netherlands dominated the games and unanimously lost to Vettori.

Kevin Holland trains at AKA և aims to win UFC gold one day

Marvin Vettor (left);  Kevin Holland (right)
Marvin Vettor (left); Kevin Holland (right)

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Nevertheless, it can be expected that additional details about his next fight will appear in the coming days.

Kevin Holland is currently on a mission to improve his fighting skills, preparing for his next fight, trying to correct the mistakes of his past. Holland trained at the AKA (American Kickboxing Academy) in San Jose, California. Hollande did so after receiving an invitation from AKA, MMA legend Daniel Cormier, to train at AKA to improve his combat skills.

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