Full details of Simone Manuel’s events at the 2021 US Swimming Olympics

If you have been swimming for some time, you will probably know who Simone Manuel is. The Texas-born young swimmer, known as the “queen of American running”, has been a member of the US Olympic swimming team since the 2016 Rio Games.

The 24-year-old swimmer, who first competed in the US Olympic swimming trials in 2012, hopes to reach the US Olympic team heading to Tokyo in the summer. Simone Manuel is the favorite to dominate 50 և 100 free. His swimming experience.

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Simone Manuel is an Olympic champion in the 100-meter freestyle, as well as the first black woman to win a gold medal in individual black swimming. At the Rio Olympics, he won 50 silver freestyle and 4×100 gold medals.

Who is Simone Manuel?

Simone Manuel is not just a top swimmer. At the age of 20, he became one of the youngest gold medalists in Olympic history, but the swimmer is a cultural icon in the United States, where black swimmers are still a rarity due to years of racism.

Like Callen Ones, a world record holder in the 4 ul 100 freestyle relay race, he inspires an upcoming group of young, black swimmers across the country who now realize that sport is open to all.

Products from Stamford University Simone Manuel is also an entrepreneur and co-founder of TOGETHXR – a media company founded to empower women.

Simone Manuel’s strongest races in the pool are the short sprint. He dominates in the 50 և 100 freestyle, although he is likely to try to reach the 200 freestyle at the Tokyo Olympics.

Simone Manuel’s performances only improved after her heroism at the Rio Olympics. He has succeeded in many world championships with 100 free horses, while at the same time challenging for gold medals in 50 free events.

The events of Simone Manuel in the US Olympic swimming trials in 2021

According to numerous reports, Simone Manuel is also going to participate in the Olympic swimming trials in the United States at the 200 Olympic Games. He enters as the 3rd seed, his best 1. Behind the swimming stars with a score of 56.09 Katie Ledeck և Alison Schmidt.

Simone Manuel also holds US records for 50 free և 100 free events. He is the favorite of the tournament, but the US Olympic attempts have a history of waiting for surprises.

When to Watch Simone Manuel

The events of Queen Sprint will be equally shared during the US Olympic swimming trials, which should help her secure those valuable places at the Tokyo Olympics. His first grand final will be the free 200, which will take place on Wednesday (June 16). The women’s 100 freestyle final is scheduled for Friday (June 18), while the 50 free finals will be on Sunday (June 20).

Stream: The matches can be watched live on NBCO և NBC Sports App

TV: NBC և NBCSN Channels (US)

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