Charlotte Hornets Տ Toronto Raptors interested in free agent Richon Holmes Center

In: Sacramento Kings Richon Holmes Enjoyed the Breakout campaign մրց this season at the latest NBA News suggests Charlotte Hornets and Toronto Raptors: are interested in his services.

Holmes is set to become an unlimited free agent this summer է is one of the best prospects for the center position.

Risha Holmes averaged a career-high 14.2 points, 8.3 hits and 1.6 rebounds per game in the NBA 2020-21 season. He also hit from the floor with 63.7%.

NBA Analysis Network Evan Messi reports that the Toronto Raptors are “a team to watch in a free agency” as a possible candidate for Richon Holmes.

At the same time, HoopsHype’s Michael Scottto said in a podcast that Holmes is one of the players associated with the Charlotte Hornets.

NBA rumors. Explore how Richon Holmes can help the Toronto Raptors և Charlotte Hornets

Richon Holmes No. 22 of the Acting Sacramento Kings (right)
Richon Holmes No. 22 of the Acting Sacramento Kings (right)

According to a report by Massey, the Toronto Raptors want to make improvements to their primary court area, “tangled” by the idea of ​​signing with Richon Holmes to carry out their plan. Here is what he said.

“It is easy to understand why the team is interested in Rica Holmes. He has become one of the most productive players in the NBA, he has a unique swimming game for a big man. “If the Reporters wanted Pascal Siakam to continue to become a more perimeter player, Holmes could have struck an intriguing balance as his longtime partner.”

The Toronto Raptors are trying to use Pascal Siakam in many ways to make the team better. If Richha Holmes joins the team, Siakam can avoid being an aggressor of paints, he can play outside to look more versatile to the Raptors next season.

However, if there’s one team anyone needs for next season 5, it has to be the Charlotte Hornets. Last season, two of their centers (Bismak Biombon և Cody eller eller) are in the free agency.

Michael Scott, of HoopsHype, said that Rica Holmes was linked to the Hornets.

“They have appeared on the market as free agent centers in Cody eller և Bismarck Biombo. Among the bonded boys is Rijon Holmes, the center of the Sacramento Kings Free Agent.

Yossi Gozlan said in the same podcast.

“Charlotte needed it the most (in the center).”

Last season, the Charlotte Hornets were not impressed with either Biombo or the Eller Elles. They have seen PJ Washington at the center on many occasions, especially in the last few weeks of their campaign.

The addition of Rica Holmes will give the Hornets more stability in that area. The team will also get a deadly striker who can hit back in the paint.

According to the NBA, Holmes’ team is looking for a four-year contract in the area of ​​$ 80 million. Thanks to the many teams that want to sign him, there is a very good chance he could be offered that amount.

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