Bridge of Souls at Rotbeca Games Festival showcases Rot Rot more

Ember Lab studied in detail the adventure title of their upcoming action, Qena. Bridge of souls, today at the Tribeca Games Festival. The footage described the indie title in great detail, the team behind it.

The video featured previously unseen footage of Kena. From the Bridge of Spirit game. It showed the adorable black creatures of the Kenyan world known as the “Roots”.

The developers originally intended to work against the hero, but they eventually came up with the idea և The Rots are now playing as companions in the game. They are an integral part of solving puzzles during adventures.

Ember Lab describes in detail the quality of the cinema, the gameplay, the background results և more: Kena. Presentation of Bridge of Spirits

People at Ember Lab have a background in film animation. They talked about how they developed their Kena visual effects skills. In the development of the bridge of souls.

There were excerpts from the video that showed the combat operations of the game. It’s nothing but a turning point, but visually in the game, visceral combat should not be its strong suit.

Sound actor և background Kena. The Bridge of Souls also seems to have been carefully designed. Kena seen in the video. The bridge of souls will be pleasing to the ear.

The official website of the game says about him.

“Kena. The Bridge of Souls “is an action adventure set in a charming world with rich research and fast-paced combat. “Players find and nurture a team of spoiled companions called Spots, expanding their abilities and creating new ways to exploit the environment.”

It continues.

“Travel to a deserted village in search of the Temple of the Holy Mountain. Help Kena discover the secrets of this forgotten community hidden in an overgrown forest where wandering spirits are trapped.”

Qena. The Bridge of Souls is scheduled for release on August 24, 2021 PS4:, PS5:, և computer.

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