Actor Reese Witherspoon Leads Proposal to Change Muslim Appearance in Movies Art and culture news

Scholarships for young Muslim artists should be decided by a committee, including actors Mahershala Ali և Rami Youssef.

British actor Reese Witherspoon has made efforts to improve the way Muslims are portrayed in the film after a study showed that they are barely visible and shown in a negative light when they appear.

Ahmed, the star of Sound of Metal, the first Muslim to win an Academy Award for Best Actor, said on Thursday that the Muslim Inclusion Project included funding and training for Muslim storytellers in the early stages of their careers.

“The Muslim representation on the screen feeds the policies that are being pursued, the people who are being killed, the countries that are being invaded,” Ahmed said in a statement.

“The data do not lie. “This study shows us the scale of the popular film problem, its value is measured by its lost potential, its lost life,” he added.

A study of the inclusion of the missing և maliciously titled Annenberg found that in 2017-2019, less than 10 percent of the lucrative films from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand featured at least one talking Muslim character.

When this was done, they were shown to be outside, threatening or obedient, the study showed. About a third of Muslim figures have committed violence, and more than half have been targeted.

“Muslims live all over the world, but viewers see only a narrow portrait of this community, not Muslims as they are – business owners, friends, neighbors, whose presence is part of modern life,” he said. Baab Khan. authors of the report.

Born in London to Pakistani parents, Ahmed, 38, said the funding offer would change the game to attract more Muslim actors, writers and producers to the film, television and television businesses.

“If I had not received a scholarship or a private donation, I would not have been able to attend drama school,” he said.

The $ 25,000 scholarship for young Muslim artists will be decided by an advisory committee comprising actors Mahershala Ali, Rami Youssef and comedian Hassan Minhaj.

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