“We all look at greatness differently”

West Indies legend Kertley Ambrose stated that Sanjay Manjrekar has the right to have his own views Team India: spins Ravichandra AshvinAccording to Ambrose, everyone looks at greatness through a different prism.

Mancrekar recently came into controversy after he revealed that he did not consider Ravichandra Ashvin the greatest of all time. Manjrekar brought Ashwin’s average record in the SENA (South Africa, England, New Zealand, Australia) to express his opinion.

Ambrose shared his views on Manjrekar’s comments on the Curtly & Karishma Show. The former West India fast wand said:

“We all have different opinions. We all look at greatness differently. Sanjay Manjrekar was a wonderful cricket in his time. He has that opinion, we all have our views. But how do you define greatness? That’s a good question. “

Kartli Ambrose added:

“Because sometimes, to be fair, we use the word greatness freely. So we have to be careful how we define size. In my opinion, the greatness is when a player can be very consistent over a period of time, for years, not a year or two. ”

Ambrose added that players can be better judged at the end of their careers than when they were still playing. He detailed.

“Some boys can enter the international cricket and set the world on fire for two or three years. And for the next six or seven years, they do nothing. You really can’t judge for the first two or three years. It’s been around for a while, throughout my career. At the end of your career, you can be judged if you have been great or good or average. ”

How did Ravichandra Ashvin react to Sanjay Manjrekar’s assessment?

Following Sanjay Manjrekar’s comments to Ravichandra Ashwini on social media, the commenter took to Twitter to clarify his comments. He wrote:

“Cricketers are the perfect praise and appreciation for all times. Cricketers like Don Bradman, Sobers, Gavaskar, Tendulkar, Virat, etc. are the greatest of all time in my book. With due respect, Ashwin is not there yet as the greatest of all time. #AllTimeGreatExplained »:

Ravichandran Ashwin reacted lightly to Manjrekar’s tweet. He responded with the famous dialogue of the Tamil film “Aparachit”. In the dialogue he read:

“Apdi Sollada Da Chari, Manasellam Valikirdou.” (Do not say such things, it hurts).

Ravichandran Ashwin collected 409 tickets out of 78 Tests, averaging 24.69, including 30 five-seven 10-watt games.

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