PSL 2021. “Please, do not troll Azam Khan, support him”

Pakistani bat Imam-ul-Haq He asked the media to give the fans to the young people Azam Khan |: a fair chance to prove himself or not to criticize because of his cricket background.

Imam-ul-Haq had to face a strong reaction when he spoke for his newcomer Pakistan In 2017, as his uncle նախկին Former Captain of Pakistan Inzamam-ul-Haq He was the chairman of the electorate.

In an interview with a YouTube channel Cricket, Imam-ul-Haq made a fervent plea for Azam not to be sentenced because he is the son of former Captain Moin Khan. Asked what advice he would give Azam to deal with the critics, as he had encountered all that, Imam al-Haq said instead.

“Many have seen Azam Khan play. I ask everyone not to troll him (because of nepotism). Please support him; he is very talented. As he said at PSL, he could be a very good T20 product if we support him. After a few good performances, we put the players on the pedestal, but soon we pull them evenly down. Even if Azam Khan fails in a few games for Pakistan, please be patient. This is not just for Azam Khan, but for every new player. “When players fail, that’s when they need more support.”

The 25-year-old added that Azam, I hope, will be less criticized, his father is not the current voter or coach. Imam al-Haqq said in this regard:

“When Azam Khan celebrated his debut in PSL, I had already talked to him. Fortunately, in his case, Uncle Moin (Moin Khan) is not the main selector or coach of the Pakistan team. So he can get some relief on that front. In my case, he (Inzamam-ul-Haq) was the main voter when I made my debut, so it was a little difficult for the media և to digest. “

“Best friend” Babar Azam helped to criticize the critics. Imam-ul-Haq

As for how he solved all the negatives about his choice in the Pakistan team, Imam-ul-Haq said that it helped him a lot to have Babar Azam, who is a close friend of hers. The left-handed bat detailed in this connection.

“My friends helped me a lot. Babar Azam and I have a very close relationship. So he talked to me a lot. Plus, there is Shoaib Malik; When I played with him, he guided me a lot. So what matters to me is what I think about myself, not anything else. It definitely helps that your best friend is a key player in the Pakistan national team. Babar knows that I am spiritually strong, I have become like that through experience. I do not use social networks during tours, but I respect everyone’s opinion. “

Imam-ul-Haq has played 11 tests so far, 43 ODIs and two T20Is. He plays for Peshawar in PSL.

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