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New Atlanta hawks Arthur Smith finds himself in an interesting situation. The franchise is still committed to a complete overhaul, but they traded with far-flung star Julio ones ounce.

It’s a campaign to make or break this Falcons roster after going 4-12 last season. If they can’t challenge for a place in the play-offs, expect big changes next season.

This makes this year’s training camp crucial for the team to build some momentum in the 2021 NFL season. Let’s look at five players who can play a big role in how successful the 2021 Falcons season can be.

Players to watch out for during the Atlanta Falcons training camp

# 1 – Matt Ryan

Last season, Matt Ryan published impressive statistics, despite the poor performance of the Atlanta Falcons. Ryan threw 4591 yards և 26 thad while completing his career.

This could be the veteran midfielder’s last season in Atlanta due to his huge salary in the next few seasons. The long-lived face of the “hawks” will want to be guided by example in 2021, starting with the training camp.

# 2 – Step Pitts

The fourth general election of this year’s NFL tournament, which concludes with Kyle Pitts, is planned to hold a mass season in Atlanta. The removal of Julio ions ounces will only increase Pitts ‘role in the Hawks’ crime.

The training camp will be a great opportunity for new head coach Arthur Smith to see what his newcomer can do on the pitch. Pitts could be the star of the Hawks’ training camp.

# 3 – Calvin Ridley

Last season, Calvin Ridley had 90 receptions in 1,374 yards and five innings. The departure of Julio ones ounce will give more opportunities to the wide receiver of Atlanta Falcons.

He is more than capable of taking on the role of ones ounce as the leader of the Falcons crime. Ridley’s combination with Kyle Pitts could set NFC South on fire in 2021. Look for Ridley to admire during the training camp.

# 4 – Dante Fowler Jr.

Dante Fowler Jr. had a disappointing season in 2020. He recorded only 23 responses, eight QB shots and only three bags. This is a contract year for the 26-year-old footballer, which should give him additional motivation.

The Atlanta Falcons’ defensive end enters a training camp in search of a return campaign in 2021.

# 5 – AJ Terrell:

In his rookie season, AJ Terrell proved to be one of the best corners in the NFL. He had 74 rebounds, three fouls and seven assists defended for the Atlanta Hawks in 2020.

The sophomore will be the one to watch during the Falcons training camp.

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