Kyle O’Reilly remembers fans worried about his safety at NXT

If you have not yet realized this, Step O’Reilly sells very well. Some argue that he can be very good.

An episode that closed one of the episodes WWE NXT: in February Adam Cole struck Kyle O’Reilly with a concussion on a steel staircase that pulled him out of the show in the final moments.

Due to some of the shots taken by the fans at the Capitol Wrestling Center, social media made them believe that Kyle O’Reilly was seriously injured.

Kyle O’Reilly recently sat down with Scott Fishman TV Insider: discuss all things NXT. When the subject of the story came up, O’Reilly said it was strange, but humble, to know that people care so much about him.

“It shows how things can go,” said Kyle O’Reilly. “It was strange and modest. to know that a lot of people really cared, they wanted the best for me to get out of the script. People were worried, they were offering support, which was really great to know that so many people care. It came out like fire. «

Kyle O’Reilly says her sister is in hysteria after reading about her possible injury on Twitter

Kyle O’Reilly was asked if any of his family members were concerned about the story. He admitted that his sister got involved because he saw online speculation about a possible injury.

“My sister,” Kyle O’Reilly revealed. “It was the first thing he saw, it was the news on Twitter, before I even had a chance to call him to let him know I was fine. He called me into hysteria, mocking me. It made me sad because someone here, who is a family, who sees something on Twitter, was worried. I knew [social media’s speculation] came from a caring and real place. They were worried. I can not blame anyone for that. “

Kyle O’Reilly will fight for the NXT championship this Sunday at NXT TakeOver. In Your House on Peacock միջազգային WWE International Competition.

Do you remember the night Kyle O’Reilly scared the WWE universe? Is it possible to make such stories in professional wrestling in 2021? Let us know what you think by clicking on the comments section below.

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