Kyle O’Reilly on the collapse of the “Undisputed Era” ման on NXT as a single star.

Step O’Reilly still working on transition without being on NXT An indisputable era next to him.

The undisputed era is undoubtedly one of the most popular factions WWE: History Giving up almost five years is no easy task for NXT’s black and gold brand. Now its four members have all gone their separate ways, leaving behind that era of their careers.

Kyle O’Reilly recently sat down with Scott TV Insider: talk about everything NXT. When the “Indisputable Age” split came about, O’Reilly admitted it was heartbreaking. But he did not rule out the possibility that the four would unite along the way.

“It was kind of heartbreaking because we put so much into this group,” said Kyle O’Reilly. “Clubs do not last very long in the WWE wrestling business. So the fact that we were four factions, as long as we were, we were doing so much. It was as amazing a journey as the “Undisputed Age.” It was time, or they should not have parted, these things happen. Who says the “indisputable age” will not be reunited? “Divorce makes reunion so sweet.”

Kyle O’Reilly says the transition to becoming a star of singles has been difficult

When it comes to standing on his own as a star of NXT singles, Kyle O’Reilly says he feels like he’s been pushed deep, that this experience has helped him grow and develop as time goes on.

“It certainly was a challenge,” said Kyle O’Reilly. “I had a solo experience, but it’s new to me when I come to WWE և NXT. Those solo matches were very few. It definitely left me with a deep end. I grew up և because we all have that dream of becoming a WWE singles champion. I love tag wrestling, I think I’m a good team wrestler. But this is something new. “

Kyle O’Reilly will fight for the NXT Championship this Sunday at NXT TakeOver. In Your House on Peacock միջազգային WWE International Competition.

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