“He is fighting for me.” Jared Canonier pays tribute to Paulo Costa’s principled fight for a better UFC salary

Jared Cannonier showed his support to his middleweight friend Paulo Costa Fighting the UFC for a better salary.

Costa recently withdrew from the fight against Kanniere on August 21 About payment disputes with the UFCHe was later replaced by No. 9 Kelvin Gastellum, who starred in “Rubber” for the second time in 2021.

During a recent interview Performance radioAred Canoni was asked to share his thoughts on Paulo Costa’s decision to stay out of the competition until the promotion dispute is resolved.

Canonier stated that he understands the dispute և can not hate the Brazilian for having a position. He went on to say that Paulo Costa was fighting for something he would fight for.

“It simply came to our notice then. It is always. MMA fighters are generally not paid much compared to what organizations or promotions pay. I understand the argument. I can not hate him or hit him or punish him. To have his position, you know, it is a very bold position to say that I am not going to fight until the boys pay me a little money. “

“I will not give up a higher salary either. But that’s what it is. It is his choice, you know. “Having said that, he must be able to overcome the consequences,” said Ared Canonier. “You know, he is fighting for something that I will fight for. He is fighting for me. “

Fighter pay has been the most common point of criticism of the UFC. The organization is accused of paying its fighters significantly less money than major sports, even other MMA organizations. According to a New York Post: According to the report, the UFC spent 16% of its revenue on fighter jets in 2019.

Despite times ons one ounce, high-class fighters like Jorge Masvidal և Paulo Costa have recently publicly raised the issue of fighters’ pay, but UFC mid-level athletes suffer the most from salary mismatches.

For comparison, a novice NFL player’s annual minimum wage is $ 480,000 according to a CNBC report, UFC Lightweight Sean Soriano earned a $ 12,000 guaranteed amount In the May 2021 UFC 262 paid watch event for his losses. This is the most common salary for low- to mid-level fighters competing in the UFC.

Risks of competing as a professional MMA fighter They are much bigger than any other major sport, which is the primary reason for fears about fighters’ pay.

Dana White thinks Paulo Costa should have created a YouTube channel to make more money

Celebrities who compete in boxing shows They have earned much higher salaries than recently mixed lifelong martial artists like Paulo Costa. This is the main reason for the problem on the front lines in the last few months.

In a recent interview on the situation of Paulo Costa Aaron Bronsteter from TSN, UFC President Dana White said:

“Guess what? You had to create a YouTube channel when you were 13 years old, և build your name և everything else և you could fight on Saturday night. But you didn’t. You’re not on YouTuber, you’re a fighter. “ինչ it’s what you do for a living. Or you do not. Decide for yourself.”

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