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Shares were one of the first to receive huge Reddit և social media սկզբ earlier this year, rising by about 1,100 percent in 2021.

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GameStop Corp.’s skyscraper rally this year, as one of the first meme stock icons could lose steam after the company said it planned to sell more shares, offered details of its turnaround strategy.

Retail sales of video games based in Grapevine, Texas fell 27% to $ 220.39 on Thursday, the biggest drop since March 24. Shares, the first to acquire huge Reddit և social media earlier this year, rose about 1.100% in 2021 when retailers rallied amid optimism of a corporate turnaround in accepting short traders.

About 50% of its record high of $ 483 in investment, investors are still waiting for a clear strategy from newly appointed activist chairman Ryan Cohen. GameStop has announced several new leaders at Inc. to help turn a brick-and-mortar chain into an e-commerce powerhouse.

“Investors deserve more than memes to assess the company’s fundamental, long-term prospects,” wrote Colin Sebastian, a Baird analyst. With the candidate clearly laying the groundwork for digital transformation, the council is reluctant to provide details on some of the challenges, he said.

Rumors that GameStop may offer up to 5 million shares, that previous trading activities are being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, are also being weighed by its shares.

“Commercial auditing is, of course, a big red flag,” said David Trainer, chief executive of the investment firm New CEO. It could be the “needle that can blow a stock valuation bubble.”

The outcome of the investigation is unclear to Wedbush analyst Michael Pakhter, and investors may have been more frustrated with the offer of the planned shares. The registration of the shelves as a result of the results “may have had something to do with it,” Pakhter wrote in his post on Thursday. Still, he praises the sale of potential shares for the company, as it will provide more dry powder for acquisitions.


The GameStop earnings call, which had several thousand live views on YouTube, lasted just 11 minutes. Outgoing CEO Sheror Sherman was the only executive to speak out, refusing to ask analysts questions.

Sherman will be replaced on June 21 by Matt Furlong, who led Amazon Australia. GameStop also hired another Amazon alumni, Mike Recupero, as chief financial officer. The recruits are part of Cohen’s broader success story.

GameStop has filed a market offer for a possible sale of up to 5 million shares, allowing retailers to make direct purchases. It previously raised $ 551 million from ATM offers in April. The company has otherwise refrained from selling shares this year, despite calls from analysts to raise its own capital, flooding similar deals with partner media shares. The new stock trading plan announced on Wednesday allows GameStop to raise up to $ 1.51 billion based on its recent closing price.

The retailer reported $ 1.28 billion in better-than-expected quarterly sales, a narrower-than-expected loss.

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