When was the first test match held?

The test cricket is widely regarded as the pinnacle of sports. Controlling the sessions and surviving the difficult stages of the game to win the five-day battle is what makes Test Cricket a fascinating prospect.

Over the years, the fans have experienced the best moments of cricket during the experienced matches. The game has evolved over the centuries to become the dimension we see today.

It all started more than 140 years ago, when Australia և England played the first Test match in the history of the game.

The first test match was played Australia: և: England: In 1877 in Melbourne. It was on this occasion that Australia won, beating England by 45 runs.

Beating at first, the Australians put 245 points on the board, and Charles Bannermann scored almost all of his team’s runs with a whopping 165 points. According to bowling clinical figures, England was limited to 196, and mid-speed Billy Midwinter collected five wickets while playing mammoth. 54 overs.

Australia could only control 104 in the second innings. But that proved to be enough, as England rallied for the 108 to hand over their first test victory to Australia.

Some features from the first Test game

The first Test game is a fascinating event to look back on, as the little pieces were still loved by cricket fans from all over the world.

Charles Bannerman became the first experimental captain in the history of the game, but eventually had to retire due to the sign. However, he still managed to get out of the bat in the second inn.

Billy Midwinter, the man who took the first five-track test course in Test cricket, continued to test for both Australia and England. He was also abducted by WG Grace in 1878 when he was due to play for Australia. Middlesex but instead he was hired to play for Gloucestershire against Ouri in Surrey.

The first test match was attended by James Ames Southerton, who celebrated his debut at the age of 49 at 119 days. That record is still maintained. Southerton is the oldest rookie in the history of the game.

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