The United States will donate 500 million doses of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine

Biden will announce on Thursday that the United States will buy 500 million Covid-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer to donate to other countries to significantly expand the country’s efforts to increase vaccination worldwide.

The Biden administration agreed to buy a $ 200 million stake this year and $ 300 million in the first half of next year to send it to other countries, said a person familiar with the deal, who confirmed earlier report By the Washington Post.

The agreement marks a significant boost to US vaccine exports following criticism that the country was accumulating doses instead of helping those in need.

The White House did not comment, while Pfizer did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Biden is expected to make the announcement in the UK ahead of the G7 summit in Cornwall this weekend.

The United States has controlled one of the fastest-growing vaccines in the world, delivering at least one dose to more than half of its population. But the demand for doses has slowed in recent weeks, with more than միլիոն 1 million now receiving vaccinations. every day – Less than 3.5 mg in April.

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Biden has previously promised to donate 80 million doses from the country’s reserves, the first 25 million of which provided last week“This promise has been criticized by some experts, who warn that more is needed to help such countries. India, which in recent months has seen a devastating second wave of the disease.

All 500 million doses will be provided through the Covax scheme supported by the World Health Organization, according to the person who provided the details, to 92 countries. The negotiating government was led by id ef Zi yens, the head of Biden’s Covid-19 working group, he added.

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