Mohamed Siraj to play in WTC final for Virat G India: Gundappa Vishwanath

Former Indian bat Gundapa Viswanat believes in pacer Mohamed Siraj will be the X-factor IndiaBowling Arms Final of the World Wrestling Championship (WTC) against New Zealand.

Viswanat believes that a strong Indian attack forces them to consider strength, no matter what conditions they play in. The WTC final will be played in Southampton, and the conditions in the United Kingdom will certainly suit the sailors.

Muhammad Siraj was sensational in 2020-21. In the Border-Gavaskar trophy, collecting 13 runs. He appeared as the highest player in India, showed great maturity in the absence of Ishant Sharma, Mohamed Shami and Asprit Bumra.

In an exclusive interview with the Times of India, Gundappa Viswanat believes that India’s top three trio, Muhammad Siraj, have the key to the WTC final against Kiwis.

“In the WTC final it will be the Indian bowlers against the New Aland անդland bombers. The Indian bowling is very strong now. Look at Shami, Bumrah, Siraj և Ishant. They are all in good communication. Siraj is a great job. “I’m sure he will do the work for Virat in the WTC final as well,” said Viswanat.

India can not take New Aland անդland seriously. Gundapa Viswanat

India defeated Australia in its own lap, it won the home chess series against England. Those performances would certainly give them a lot of confidence as they make it to the WTC Finals.

However, Gundappa Vishwanath wants India to be wary of kiwis, as English conditions will be alien to Virat Colin և and his people. Although India is number one in the Test team, Viswanat believes that it will be a close competition between the two sides.

“Both teams will play in a neutral place. It will be a good competition. New Zealand is on the good side. India can not take them lightly. The atmosphere will be different,” Viswanat said.

Viswanathan gave India an advantage in winning the WTC final with morale-boosting victories both at home and away. In this regard, he said.

“India has an advantage over New Aland ելland. It will be an exciting clash. “Winning in Australia և England will boost confidence in the WTC final for India.”

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