Iraq releases Qasim Mahmoud Muslihi, commander equaled by Iran Middle East News

Releasing Muslim without persecution is one of a series of failed attempts to crack down on militant groups.

Iraq has released the commander of an Iranian-backed militant group arrested in May on terrorism charges after authorities found enough evidence against him.

Two Iraqi officials said Qasim Mahmoud Musliml was released at 8 a.m. Wednesday (05:00 GMT).

His supporters greeted him with hugs and kisses on Baghdad’s central ad adria bridge, taking photos and videos with him to celebrate.

The Muslim, from the southern holy city of Karbala, was arrested on May 26. The military said the allegations were linked to terrorism, but did not provide details.

He is the leader of the Popular People’s Mobilization Forces (PMF) in Anbar Province.

Security officials told Reuters at the time that the arrests were linked to attacks on US forces in Iraq. Some media outlets and analysts said it was because of Moslehi’s involvement in the assassination of pro-democracy activists.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qadimi has publicly spoken out against Iranian-backed militant groups and parties, and the arrest of Muslimli was a major attempt to seize power.

His release without prosecution is a blow to those efforts – one of a series of failed attempts to crack down on armed groups.

The two most significant steps against Iranian-backed groups. The arrest of Muslim և 2020. Arrests in June of fighters allegedly involved in rocket fire against US targets

On both occasions, heavily armed militants stormed Baghdad’s fortified Green Zone, home to foreign embassies and government buildings, threatening al-Qadimi.

Al-Qadhimi met with key Shi’ite leaders to stop the fighting after his capture. Based on the results of the meeting, Muslim was brought to the PMF.

An investigative committee was set up to investigate his case, consisting of officials from the Ministries of Defense, Interior, National Security, and the PMF. During that time, Muslih was detained by the Joint Operations Command. The ANC controls a large number of Iraqi security forces.

On Monday, his case was sent to a PMF investigating judge who ordered his release.

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