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Writer Jean in Carroll accused Trump of sexual harassment and sued him for defamation when he discredited his lawsuit.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland upholds Justice Department decision to continue representing Donald Trump defamation lawsuit A woman was brought in who accused the former US president of sexually assaulting her in the 1990s.

“It is not the job of the Department of Justice to make legislative decisions that support the administration, past or present,” Garland told a Senate committee Wednesday.

“The essence of the rule of law is to deal with such cases in such a way that there is no rule for Democrats, no Republican for another, no rule for friends, no other enemies,” Garland said.

The Justice Department, which represents U.S. government officials in trials related to their official duties, said this week continuing his defense former president, which began during the previous administration.

“It is not always easy to apply this rule. “Sometimes it means we have to make a decision on a law we would never have made that we strongly disagree with as a policy,” said Garland, who has been widely criticized for the decision.

Critics have argued that government lawyers should not be involved in defending Trump because the case concerns alleged personal conduct that took place prior to Trump’s ouster.

In a letter to Garland, the 21-member House of Representatives said they were opposed to the decision. The section “should not have cost taxpayers to protect former President Trump from defamation … their decision is very wrong,” wrote Congressman Jerry Nadler, one of the signatories in the tweets.

“This was not the case when he used his office to advance US interests,” Barb McQuead, a law professor at the University of Michigan, told MSIKN.

“He is acting out of self-interest in something that happened in his personal life 20 years ago,” McQuead said.

The writer was Jean an Carroll blamed Trump In a 2019 magazine article on sexual harassment in a New York City department store.

Carol’s lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, said on June 8 that she was concerned about the Biden administration’s decision to support Trump. “It is appalling that Donald Trump raped Anne Carroll in a New York department store years ago,” Kaplan told Politico.

“It is really shocking that the current Department of Justice will allow Donald Trump to avoid lying about it, thus depriving our client of a court date,” he said.

Asked about the accusation during his tenure as president, Trump denied that he had ever known Carol, saying his claim was false.

In a brief statement to the Federal Court of Appeals on June 7, Justice Department attorneys took the same legal stance as the administration when Trump was president.

The Justice Department said it did not confirm Trump’s treatment of Carol, although it argued that the law against federal officials justified the government’s move to protect the former president.

“When White House media outlets asked then-President Trump to respond to Ms. Carroll’s serious allegations of wrongdoing, they were questioned as president,” the department’s attorneys wrote in the new court.

“Elected government officials may, and often should, be prosecuted for personal crimes that cast doubt on their suitability for office.”

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