Brie and Nikki Bella are definitely back in WWE

WWE Famers Hall: Bree Bella և: Nicky Bella are planning to return to the ring.

In recent years, the Bella Gemini has announced its withdrawal from the competition in their ring. However, Nikki and Brie have also expressed interest in competing in the Women’s Tag Team Championship. The titles were announced in February 2019, four months after Brie և Nikki’s last WWE games.

Speaking of: Ent fun evening with Deidre Behar, Brie talked about her game with Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam 2014. As a mother of two, she wants her children to try to watch her wrestling the way Stephanie’s children watched her SummerSlam game.

“I will never forget the moment I wrestled Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam to see her three little girls, who were small then, their faces when we came back, they looked at their mother like she was a superhero. I want one day, ”said Brin. “I just thought it was the hottest thing. So, Bella is definitely going to come back. We do not know exactly when, but we said we have one run, we would really like to do it. “

Bree Bella has two children with former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, Birdie (born May 9, 2017) and Badi (born August 1, 2020). Nicki Bella and her fiancé Artem Chigvintsev have one child, Mateo (born July 31, 2020).

Nicki Bella is getting ready for her return

No one had more individual kingdom in the WWE Divas than Nicki Bella (301 days)
No one had more individual kingdom in the WWE Divas than Nicki Bella (301 days)

Nicki Bella’s most recent encounter with Ronda Rousey was during the October 2018 WWE Evolution All-Women Main Show.

The two-time Divas champion intends to change his ring style as soon as he returns.

“I know for myself, we are definitely starting that preparation,” Nick said. “When we get back, I want to change my style a bit in the ring, but I want to make an announcement, so I realize I have to start now.”

In the same interview, Brin և Nicky Bella discussed the future of their Total Bellas reality series. Nikki has revealed that E! is a show will end “sooner rather than later” because he does not want his son’s childhood to be documented on television.

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