Biden puts pressure on Boris John Onson to end Northern Ireland bitter confrontation

On Thursday, Boris John Onson will face pressure from Biden to work with the EU to end the crisis over the Northern Ireland settlement, as the post-Brexit talks ended in a stalemate with threats.

The US leader, who will meet with his British counterpart in Cornwall ahead of the G7 summit, will not welcome any move that would undermine or undermine the Good Friday agreement or peace in the region.

The onsoner will also come under pressure from European leaders as the EU reiterates its threat to retaliate with trade sanctions if Britain unilaterally suspends. the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol, which aims to avoid the hard border of the island of Ireland.

European Commission Vice President Maros Sefchovich said he was confident “European leaders would raise this issue” at the G7, which kicks off on Friday. French President Emanuel Macron is among those who want the EU to take a tough stance with John Onson.

In anticipation of the diplomatic threat, John Onson is taking his Brexit minister, Lord David Frost, to the G7 summit in the Caribbean. Foreign Minister Dominique Raab is the only other UK minister to attend.

Speaking on Air Force One as Biden flew to Britain, Sullivan said the president clearly understood his unique belief in the Good Friday Agreement as the basis for peaceful coexistence in Northern Ireland. “This agreement must be safeguarded. Any move that could damage or disrupt it will not be welcomed by the United States,” he said. The 1998 agreement ended decades of violent conflict in the region.

“President Biden is going to make fundamental statements on this front,” Sullivan said. “He does not present any threats or ultimatums. He is simply going to convey his deep conviction that we must stand up and defend this protocol. “

Frost ֆ Sefչovi չհ failed to resolve the dispute over the operation of the Protocol, which in fact introduces a trade border in the Irish Sea, during the talks in London Wednesday. “There was no breakthrough, there was no breakthrough,” Frost said.

John Onson argues that EU requirements for inspection of goods transported through the UK և Northern Ireland չափազանց are overburdened, disrupting trade.

Brexit Minister Lord David Frost, right, meets European Commission Vice President Maros Sefchovich, left, at the Admiralty House in London, © PA

Speaking ahead of the summit in Cornwall, John Onson said he was looking for a compromise to support the Northern Ireland peace process and insisted he was “not worried” about the G7 shadow issue.

And the EU, the United Kingdom has confirmed after talks in London that there is disagreement over how to resolve many of Northern Ireland’s trade arrangements, from veterinary inspections to animal travel.

Speaking after the talks, Sefchovich he said that the EU was “wearing very, very thin” patience because of its perception of not implementing the main parts of the protocol with the UK.

According to the protocol, Brussels has already opened lawsuits against Britain for unilaterally extending some grace periods.

Sefchovich said the EU could impose “retaliatory sanctions” on Britain, such as imposing tariffs on certain goods or suspending co-operation in certain areas, if Britain fails to meet its obligations.

“If the UK takes further unilateral action in the coming weeks, the EU will not shy away from reacting swiftly, firmly and decisively to ensure that the UK adheres to its obligations under international law,” Sefchovich said.

After the meeting, Frost reiterated Britain’s complaints that “the EU insists that we follow the protocol in an extremely clean manner.”

The lack of progress means pressure will be put on both sides ahead of the end of the provisional exemption near the end of this month, which has allowed British sausages and other frozen meats to enter Northern Ireland.

Following the meetings, which included other bilateral issues, such as fisheries and civil rights, the United Kingdom issued a statement. its own rupture on the state of discussions, saying that in some “limited areas” “some progress has been made on solutions”, including the free movement of accompanying dogs and VAT arrangements for second-hand cars.

Additional report by Jim my Picard

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