Belal Muhammad in the middleweight title scene

UFC: Ter weightlifter Belal Mohammed is preparing for a rigorous exam. He is expecting a veteran of the fight և Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu magician Damian Maya UFC 263: pay-view.

Belal Muhammad knows that a victory over a former title rival like Maya will help him enter the top 10 in the middleweight division. Maya is a sports legend և very popular among fans. Winning him at UFC 263 could greatly boost Belal Muhammad’s future UFC և title ambitions.

Speaking to Sportskeeda MMA recently, Muhammad explained why he wanted to have a great performance against Damian Maya at UFC 263.

“I am just happy. You know, like you said, he’s a game legend. He is a huge name, he is one of the guys I have always wanted to try myself against. He is that boy. your resume is a huge thing և this W will be amazing to me. ”

Belal Muhammad encouraged to fight in front of fans at UFC 263

Over the past year, most of the fighters have missed the presence of fans during the fights. Belal Muhammad is no different, he is looking forward to the fight in front of the audience this weekend. Not only the fans but also his family will be present to witness the action against Muhammad Maya.

Muhammad is absolutely thrilled when he had the opportunity to compete in front of his family և fans և at UFC 263.

“I can not wait for the fans to return to the crowd. I can not wait for it, I can not wait to feel that energy. That would be amazing. I just feel like they bring a whole different energy, and then to have my family for me, knowing that they will be able to watch it live, is an experience for all of us. ”

“I fight every time I go, they always came with me, no matter where it was. “Even in smaller shows, being with me in the crowd is a different kind of energy.”

Do you think Belal Muhammad can beat Damian Maya? UFC 263:? It sounds in the comments.

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