3 players who will most likely find an impression in the Tennessee Titans OTAs

In: Tennessee Titans are having a hard time preparing for the upcoming season. At the moment, the coaching staff is probably looking at the players and deciding who fits where when they get fit. This is the first chance for most players to make an impression this year. Here are three players who are in a great position to make a big impression on the Tennessee Titans in OTAs.

Three Tennessee Titans for watching OTAs

# 1 – osh osh Reynolds

Osh osh Reynolds was one of the best kept secrets of the Los Angeles Aries loaded receiver. The Tennessee Titans have a player who has shown that he has only improved since his rookie season.

He was usually the fourth recipient on the Aries Depth chart, but when asked to climb, he would finish the job. In 2017, Reynolds started slowly, catching only 11 in 104 yards. In 2018, Reynolds scored 292 goals for 402 yards and five touches.

2019 was a slower year, but it was still effective in a limited role. He earned 326 yards per touch. 2020 was his best season. He earned 52 receptions in 618 yards և twice.

He is only 26 years old, according to the PFF, in 2020 he was given a grade of 65.7. In 2021, Reynolds will be the third recipient of AJ Brown և Julio Jones լ. Expect him to do well in defending less talented corners for the Tennessee Titans.

# 2 – A. Brown

AJ Brown: In 2020, he was the main receiver of the Tennessee Titans. 2021 will be his third season. He had a great rookie year, scoring more than 1,000 yards to catch 52 tournaments. In 2020, AJ Brown earned 70 receptions in 1,075 yards for touch 11 touchdowns.

AJ Brown is a threat to speed. According to the statistics of the next gene, he reached 21.52 miles per hour on the way back. According to Sports Illustrated, this was the fastest receiver speed in 2020. Now that Jul ulio ones ounce can return to the top corner kick, AJ Brown should be able to explode on the field. In non-contact OTAs, speed translates to the best plays.

# 3 – Jul Ulio ones ounce

Assuming: July j Before the end of the OTAs, it should be clear why the NFL is closing its eyes on him. The Tennessee Titans will want to see which version of which oolio ones ounce they get, and the ounce ounce will aim to show a privilege that at the age of 32 can still be elite.

July j
July j

Julio Ones was injured last season but has been relatively healthy for most of his career. Jul Julio ounces ounce has eight seasons in which he has earned at least 950 yards. He has seven seasons in which he has earned at least six towns.

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