Why did the Patriots reject Julio ions in favor of ounce despite initial interest?

It was rumored yesterday that Julio ions ounce is now officially the Titan of Tennessee. For a moment, it seemed that every NFL team was interested in the star recipient trade. In: In the end, the Titans won և ones ounce will join AJ Green և Derrick Henry in 2021.

It is reported that one of the teams interested in Jul ulio ones ounce was the New England Patriot. They insisted that ones ounce wanted to play with Patriots midfielder Cam Newton,

Why did the Patriots pass Julio ions ons?

NFL insiders announced that: The Atlanta Falcons wanted to make a first-round pick For J ons, but it did not happen. In the state of Tennessee, the election of the second և fourth round is over, while Jul ulio ones ounce’s heavy salary is ahead.

New England was simply not ready to pay that price for a 32-year-old broad receiver. It is worth noting that the Patriots have spent over $ 70 million this season on solid ground: Hunter Henry, Onnu Smith, and wide receiver Nelson Agholor.

The Patriots also recently tried to sell another veteran wide receiver, Mohamed Sanu, which cost them a second-round pick. Sanu proved that he is a bustier in a Pats uniform, he was released during a training camp in 2020.

Does Bill Belichik look at another player?

New England still have 16.4 million caps, so they have room to acquire another star player. There have been rumors that the Patriots are looking at Odell Beckham Jr. if he becomes available this season.

Another option is to sign a long-term deal with star corner Stephen Gilmore. Gilmore is currently earning just $ 7 million in the final year of his contract this season. The Pats may decide to extend him, or the front office may see him as a declining asset they will leave behind after the season.

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