The latest Coronavirus. NYC hotels are returning faster than expected

Nevada will soon be the last state to offer an incentive program aimed at encouraging more people to get Covid-19 shots against the backdrop of slowing vaccination rates in the United States.

State Governor Steve Sisolak did not elaborate on what incentives the state would offer, but said on Tuesday that he planned to release more information about the program next week.

States have offered cash, lottery tickets, scholarships, and even weapons in hopes of getting more shots fired.

Vaccination rates have slowed to levels last seen in late January, raising the likelihood that the spread will miss Biden’s goal of vaccinating at least 70 percent of adults by one or more doses by July 4.

For the past seven days, the United States has used about 1 million doses a day, up from a peak of 3.4 million in mid-April, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Healthcare worker administers Pfizer / BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine at Morgantown Clinic in West Virginia © Justin Merriman / Bloomberg

As of Tuesday, more than 164 million Americans over the age of 18, or 63.8 percent of the adult population, had received at least one shot. About 53% of adults are fully vaccinated.

Nevada is the 32nd of the 50 states to have at least one dose vaccinated against 58.3% of its adult population.

West Virginia, which ranks 45th with 49.8 percent of adults vaccinated, has tried to raise the vaccine through cash prizes and other prizes, including customs rifles, pickup trucks, hunting and fishing licenses. Governor Jim told my Justice Advocate that 70,000 West Virginia residents had registered for gift donations.

White House Chief Medical Adviser Anthony Fauci said on Tuesday that the United States should continue to vaccinate more people so that the Delta version does not become the predominant coronavirus in the country.

According to Fauci, the Delta version, first found in India, accounts for the majority of new infections in the UK, accounting for about 6% of US cases.

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