The last laugh of the Clintons

It’s not just their seductive talk shows that are tempting. It’s not even their ethical lowering in the light of MeToo. “The Fall of the Clinton House” title: repeated through year: – Is it nothing more than a moderate left? Progressives have come to terms with the fact that Christopher Hitchens immediately saw Bill Clinton’s presidency as a period of semi-experimentation, which can only take place in the prisons of minorities, in the occupation of the poor.

When Clinton’s Treasury Secretary loudly worries about what they cost epidemic relief, blamed for Oldthink. When the Clinton era? strategist warns the party of “awakening”, he does it almost alone. The democratic democratic right that once ruled the United States, և through it sisters movements The West is now struggling to listen.

It has only one reward, which must depend on comfort. It happens to be a decisive factor in governing the country.

America’s vantage point to the left clearly stops. President Biden’s infrastructure program is said to have been completed before it was less than halfway through Cost $ 2.3 tLegislation: Voting reform և Wage discrimination is unlikely to be as it is today. At the same time, he is the president softening on raising corporate taxes to finance its new Jerusalem. Until now, the legal basis for the Biden-like-Franklin-Roosevelt contingent has been an epidemic aid bill, which is mainly transient events“And this is before the midterm elections, which spoiled the last two presidents of the Democrats.

At this moment, it is natural to blame the stubbornness of the Republican senators. They even used the Philippaster, which was broken by only two-thirds of the vote in that chamber probe: Siege of the Capitol. But the president not only fails to satisfy that majority. He generally has more problems getting a majority in general. And these are conservative-minded partners in West Virginia E Manchi և Arizona Kirsten Cinema, which make up the blockage.

The democratic right appears in a unique solution. It seldom had less capsule արի goodwill. At the same time, it is a decisive vote in the administration. Being something of a split in the Senate ideology, Mancini has more power than the United States, except for a handful of individuals. Calling the old Republican Master of the Senate, one of the left-wing “ad okat” describes him as the “new Mitch McConnell”. Back: subtle threat“If we are not to be precise, Biden himself means” the two members of the Senate who vote more with my Republican friends. “

The regression to the Clinton average comes out of them or out of the domestic sphere. Biden ignored liberal calls for the expulsion of Saudi Arabia from the church dark enterprises His no less controversial meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin next week causes the “reappointment” of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. As for Vice President Kamala Harris, she had a sharp line for future migrants in Guatemala this week. “Do not come.” A generation ago we would have called that triangle.

If a sly smile plays on Clinton’s lips, it’s only half worth it. Today’s democratic right, at least in style, differs from its technocratic ancestors. Movies: Former Mormon և is a social worker. Mancini state is a word of backwardness (unjust). Like Senator Bob Menendez, another member of their ranks, both were elected in a world of post-millennial terrorism and economic insecurity. It is difficult to imagine the number of their party, which is connected with, say, the president Emanuel Macron France, as the Clinters once did with modern-day European leaders.

Although quite often, their effects come with the same thing. In essence, it is a fight against higher taxes, less social conservatism. In tactics, it is the lack of appetite for party confrontation. As an obstacle to, say, voting reform, the Democratic Right is insane, perhaps ruthless. But without them, the party would not have been called to govern at all.

One of the strangest things I have ever experienced is the “neoliberal” reformulation of my youth. Little did you know that Clinton has undergone the last comprehensive growth federal taxesOr that Tony Blair was still in charge? fiscal deficit In 2007, the 15th year of Britain’s economic growth, he was so generous.

Whether through amnesia or bad faith, the Third Way is slandered by the elderly so they can better understand it as the bait smell of the 1980s. In fact, it was their generous correction. The cautious, monotheistic left has a deceptive power to achieve reform. If it survives, it’s not just the Clinton ego that needs to win.

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