“No toys you pass around.”

The week of UFC 263 fight is here, Ա Israel Adesanyan is not ready to tolerate any disrespect from the fans. The middleweight champion will defend his belt against Marvin Vettori this Saturday, June 12, 2021. their 2018 collision rating,

In a detailed post on the social network on Sunday, Israel Adesanyan called on fans about their problematic behavior when approaching a fighter they like.

“I had contacts with the fans yesterday. I gave time to these fans because they were beautiful, they had no right to be respected. I will go crazy next week because you will be hungry for this beautiful violence. But please, just be cool, treat the fighters you meet with respect, whether you like it or not, և if they give you time, do not abuse it. I hate it when you give a fan a minute of your time և they have 10 different things you have to sign. If the fighter says no, respect them NO. We have to do it during the fight week. I do unique things for fun fans that make them or their day off when they treat you like a real person, not the toy you pass by. I know some of the fans in the NBA have been playing wild lately. Let’s show these buffoons what it really’s like to be a fan. “I just want to be good, I hope you can help me do that,” Israel Adesania wrote.

Israel Adesanyan continues his trolling against Marvin Vettori

The UFC middleweight king is known for doing some harmless trolling of his opponents before the fight in the form of memes and jokes. Marvin Vettori is not without that tradition either.

Joke that Israel Adesania seems to like it when Marvin compared Vettori to an “orc” in the form of a disgusting, human-like creature. The character became famous due to JRR Tolkien’s great fantasy work, Lord of the Rings և its prefix, The Hobbit,

The joke started after middleweight Darren Till started Marvin Vettori questioned the legitimacy Till reportedly suffered a spinal cord injury that led to his withdrawal from their April 10 fight.

Israel Adesania clearly saw the opportunity to take it, it uses it well.

Earlier today, Israel Adesania compared himself to Legolas, a hero of Elvish origin from “Lord of the Rings”. In the story, Legolas fought against the armies of the Orcs and massacred some of them. In: The consequences here are quite obvious.

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