“I was forcing things.” Anthony Pettis looks back at the defeat to Clay Collard in PFL 1 [Exclusive]

Anthony Pettisi’s PFL journey began with a bumpy start. The 34-year-old man was defeated In his debut promotion, he lost to Clay Collard by a unanimous decision.

Showtime is now preparing to return to action as it awaits another tough match against Alexander Martinez in PFL 4. The event is scheduled for June 10, 2021.

Speaking to the media before the start of his sophomore year in the PFL, Pettis looked back at Collard’s defeat. According to the former UFC lightweight champion, he did not make the right adjustments in the fight. Pettis said that he “forces” himself to overcome, instead of keeping his composure, to wait for the competition to end on time.

“I learned a lot from watching my first fight. “I did not make the adjustments I needed to make there,” Anthony Pettis told Sportskeeda. “I stayed in one position, I was forcing things. I got it with a high blow, but it was a forced high blow, so I did not finish it. “This time I’m going to go out there, just let it accumulate,” he added.

After three rounds, the referees beat the match 29-27, 29-27, 29-28 in favor of Collard.

Anthony Pettis is now back to compete in the lightweight division. He challenged Donald Carron և Alex Morono 170 170 երում in his previous two fights.

Anthony Pettis on dealing with pressure before PFL 4

Pettis v Ferreira:
Pettis v Ferreira:

If Anthony Pettis survives the PFL 2021 season, he will have to secure the end of the game against Alexander Martinez. The victory in the first round will help “Showtime” to collect a total of six points, which can see how it goes to the playoffs.

However, Petis’s season could end if he fails to do so. Despite this, the 34-year-old specialist thinks that he feels the same pressure that he felt in his previous fights. He said:

“In this fight you can not afford to lose in any fight. You are as good as your last performance. I think the pressure is always there, you can not lose. Entering this fight, I feel the same. I must not lose, I can’t lose, I have to go out there and fight with a clever game plan. “

Anthony Pettis acknowledges the superiority of his experience over Alexander Martinez

Anthony Pettis is considered to be one of the most decorated jewels of all time in the UFC. At the UFC for almost a decade, he defeated the likes of Donald Serrone, Benson Henderson, Charles Oliveira, Steven Thompson and much more.

As an experienced veteran, Petis believes that his years of experience will be useful when he closes the horns with Alexander Martinez in PFL 4.

“Well, I definitely have the advantage of having experience with him, having the experience of his fights. I was there with the best guys in the world on the big stage. advantage of experience. But as I find out in this tournament, it does not matter. You have to go there և fight in every fight when they come. “I learned, I looked at his skill set, the weapons, how he won his first fight, I’re just going to attack him from there,” said Anthony Pettis.

Martinez is currently 8-0 as a professional MMA fighter. In a series of impressive performances at Brave CF, the PFL knocked on Paraguay’s door last year. He had his first publicity match against Loik Radzhabov in the PFL 1 tournament and won by a split decision.

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