Free Fire OB28 server service was broken, the game is now being played

The players were waiting for the start Free fire OB28 update since the release of Advance Server in the last week of May. To the delight of fans around the world, Garena has finally released the Rampage New Dawn update.

Like every update, this patch was preceded by a service interruption that lasted several hours. The game was unavailable during this time, users made a mistake when trying to play it.

The OB28 upgrade scheduled service stop started at 9 a.m. (IST + 5:30 am). It finally ended at 30:.

Free Fire is now available to all players. Those who want to try out the new features can download the latest version of the game from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Android users can also use the game’s APK և OBB files to download the update.

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Free Fire OB28 upgrade access rewards

Rewards that players will receive for entering Free Fire within the specified period
Rewards that players will receive for entering Free Fire within the specified period

Players who will enter Free Fire on June 9, 4 at IST և on June 14 at 3 p.m. On the 59th IST will receive 2 Diamond Royale tickets and 2 Weapon Royale tickets as an entrance ticket.

Players can follow these steps to receive prizes.

Step 1: Players must open Free Fire and click on the “Calendar” icon.

Players press the button
Players must click on the “Calendar” icon

Step 2: Next, they need to navigate to the “Events” tab and click “Update for Gifts”.

Step 3: After starting the sign-in event, players will find a “Request” button next to the prize. They can then click this button to receive prizes.

(Event starts on June 9 at IST, ends on June 14 at IST 3:59)

Sticky notes for free Fire OB28 update

Here are some features of the Free Fire OB28 update, according to official patch notes.

  • New title for GM Clash Squad.
  • New firearm. Ice grenade և Mini UZI.
  • Characters wolves. Paloma, Clu և Laura.
  • Adjustments. M1917, Kord, M60, Kar98k:
  • New pets by Dr. Bean (skill: Deshi duck)
  • Fast message optimization.
  • A new setting, Two Grenades, is now available in the settings menu.
  • Optimize the display of the mode selection menu.

Players can click here: read the full joke notes.

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