Final of the World Test Championship. Rajkumar Sharma feels that Tim Southi’s excellent record against Varat Kohli is worrying

Virat Colincoach Rajkumar Sharma says a slightly overwhelming record was set in the game against the Indian captain Team South is certainly an area of ​​concern.

Tim Soute fired Virat Cole 10 times in international racketeering, including: three times the longest speed of the game, Kiwi booster may be one of the biggest threats among Indian fighters World Test Championship (WTC) final, especially after moving the first six wickets of the first round of the Lord Test against England.

In an interview with India News, Rajkumar Sharma said that Virat Kohl had fallen victim to Saute in the past, although he was fully aware of the mistakes made against the right hand stimulator.

“It’s not that Virat Cole doesn’t know where he went wrong, but despite that, Soute fired him ten times, so it certainly raises concerns. I feel Virat will work in that direction. balls will be left open. “A trunk.”

The former first-class cricketer said that the perfect length of South makes it a difficult proposition to solve.

“The awkward length that Souti is circling, you have to decide whether you should play or let go of the ball. He bows very well,: his ball swings well. He becomes invulnerable, even if it is a little useful cover. ”

Virat Kohli averages 36.33 points per game in Test cricket against Tim South. The Indian captain scored 109 runs against his Blackcaps escort for his three dismissals.

“They saw that South was bowling with a very good strategy against Virat Koli” – Rajkumar Sharma

In the last test between the two sides, Tim Soute removed Virat Cole
In the last test between the two sides, Tim Soute removed Virat Cole

Noting that Virat Kohli’s confrontation with Southi has been going on since the early days of cricket, Rajkumar Sharma noted that the rocking player has developed an excellent roster against the Indian challenge base.

“This match went on for a long time, from 19 days when they played together, Southam in New Zealand and Colin in India. So somewhere or else Southe is bowling very well against Virat. ”

The 55-year-old footballer has resigned, hoping that Virat Kohl will show some caution when playing against South.

“It simply came to our notice then. The cover disc is Virat’s favorite painting. So, Virat will have to think about restraint when the cover is playing, because he has slipped several times while playing that shot. «

In Thirt Cricket, none of Virat Kohli’s three dismissals against Tim Souti were on the cover. He found himself in the front row, twice with incoming deliveries and once with a sharp jump.

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