Dana White answers if Robert Whitaker is the next winner of Adesanya և Marvin Vettori in Israel

Robert Whitaker In June, he was offered a title fight with Israel Adesanya, an hour after passing Kelvin Gastelov in April.

However, “The Reaper” rejected the fight, and instead got the chance to Marvin Vettori, who will close the horns with the middleweight champion at UFC 263 next Saturday.

During a recent interview with Farah Hannoun UFC Arabia:, progress leader Dana White answered whether Robert Whitaker would win the Israeli-winning Adesania vs. Marvin Vettori by default.

The UFC president said that the rivals will certainly fight for Robert Whitaker when he wants to fight, but he is not sure if it will be a fight for the title immediately.

It is quite obvious that Whittaker, rejecting the fight for the title, once questioned Dana White, even if she is “ready to become the next” opponent.

“Obviously, when he is ready to fight, we will fight him. I can not say, “Oh, he’s definitely next,” because I do not know if he is ready to be next I do not know what he got. planned or what is happening … [Paulo] Costa just got hit, [Robert] “Whitaker was reckless, he did not want a fight, the next one is Vettori,” said Dana White.

In an interview, Dana White answered a number of other questions, including what she thought during Sunday’s Showtime pay-per-view meetings between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul.

He named three UFC fighters he could see becoming future paid stars: Rose Namajunas, Brian Ortega and Camaro Ousma.

Check out the full interview below.

Robert Whitaker. I see what Izzy is trying to do.

“Although he wanted to fight for the UFC gold, Robert Whitaker would not be physically ready to compete in June after the April bouts,” he said. ESPN: Interview after announcing UFC 263 major event.

Robert Whitaker revealed that he had been injured in a Calvin Gastelum fight in which he had to recover, fly home, go through two weeks of mandatory isolation, and then go on to a championship fight in June if he had to fight, which was impossible. for him to do.

The former middleweight champion shared that it seemed to him that Israel Adesanyan, who insisted on fighting in June, some deliberate “trick” “Last style” by his team to make him less prepared for the competition.

On the other hand, Israel Adesanya coach Yevgeny Bareman did it recently fired a shot at Robert Whitaker to use such an opportunity.

However, Izzy himself gave subtle hints that he was there Looking forward to fighting Robert Whitaker After Marvin Vetori, he still has to remain a champion.

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