Cloud crash crashes thousands of websites

Thousands of websites went offline for nearly an hour on Tuesday morning, including some of the world’s largest news sites, streaming services, online retailers, and even the UK government, disrupting millions of Internet users.

Almost an hour of communication problems seemed to be affecting news sites such as the BBC, New York Times և, Spotify, Twitch, Hulu և HBO Max streaming service, Stripe payment service և Reddit. Together, online services reach hundreds of millions of people every day.

Failure of’s UK web site can cause problems for people ordering Covid-19 vaccines or reporting test results.

Silicon Valley-based Internet infrastructure provider Fastly is believed to be behind the failure. He did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A fast content delivery network designed to facilitate faster loading times of web pages և larger files such as music and videos. Other major CDN suppliers include Cloudflare, Akamai և Limelight.

CDNs store their corporate customer data on servers around the world, easing the backbone of the Internet by bringing content closer to consumers’ smartphones and computers.

Quickly online status page started reporting problems with its CDN services at UTC 09.58.

About 45 minutes later he said. “The problem has been found out, is a solution being implemented?”

As well as a number of well-known media groups, Fastly’s website lists Shopify և Stripe e-commerce platforms as well as retailers including Wayfair, Boots, Dunelm, Ticketmaster և Deliveroo.

Stripe tweeted from his status page: “We are currently investigating when Dashboard և Support Site is not loading. We will post an update soon. ”

Shares of Fastly, listed on the New York Mercantile Exchange, with a market capitalization of $ 6 billion, were down about 2 percent in pre-market sales on Tuesday. The ten-year-old company is headquartered in San Francisco.

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