Brussels warns that it is ready to intensify action against the United Kingdom over Ireland

Brussels has warned that it is ready to step up retaliation against Britain if Boris John Onsson delays the deal on Northern Ireland, a sign of strained relations ahead of talks this week.

EU Commissioner for Brexit Maros Sefchovich, writing: Daily Telegraph:warns that a “unilateral action” by the UK to ease the requirements of the Brexit trade deal with Northern Ireland will be met with a sharp response.

“The EU will not be shy about reacting swiftly, firmly and decisively so that the UK can live up to its obligations under international law,” Sefcovic wrote, calling for joint solutions to the provocations that have emerged with Brexit. It was applied to the rules of commerce in Northern Ireland earlier this year.

Sefչovi մեկնաբանությունը’s comment is the latest in a series of recent exchanges between the EU and the UK over who’s fault for the trouble with the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol, which maintains open trade on the island of Ireland, demanding regulatory inspections of goods. Region և Great Britain. Irritants range from barriers to drug distribution to overloaded new documents for the import of food and live animals.

And Brussels և London is also aware that time is running out to find solutions, given the imminent grace period that will allow the import of sausages և other frozen meats from the UK to Northern Ireland. When they join the alliance, it ends in late June.

Sefchovich said he hoped the two sides could resume co-operation on the protocol at a meeting in London on Wednesday with his British counterpart, Lord David Frost. “It is clear that this week will be crucial in building trust between the European Union and the United Kingdom,” he wrote.

Environment Secretary Org Justis said he believed US President Biden would consider it unacceptable for Britain’s Northern Ireland ban on frozen meat to be accepted, as he would not accept such a ban on meat movement through Texas. : California.

Justis told the BBC that the ban was a “big reason” and said he believed Biden, who was in Britain on Thursday ahead of the G7 summit in Cornwall, would see two sides to the NI dispute.

In a telephone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron yesterday, John Onson discussed the situation, during which the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom stressed that “both Britain and the EU must find solutions to the problems related to the Protocol,” the official statement said. the call.

Earlier this week, Frost accused the EU of “legal cleansing” by demanding that the protocol be implemented. The EU has said that Britain is not implementing key parts of the new agreements, such as the construction of border checkpoints for goods, the proper replenishment, and the exchange of data with Brussels.

“We see many fundamental gaps in the implementation of the UK,” Sefchovich wrote.

An EU official said on Monday that Brussels’ efforts to get the UK into action had failed, although the bloc had launched a lawsuit against London earlier this year for delaying the application of some protocol rules.

“The infringement procedure we initiated in March, the arbitration procedure based on what we consider to be a lack of good faith on the part of the United Kingdom, has not been sufficiently proven, so we need to consider other tools.” said the official.

Brussels’ options may include holding back cooperation in areas of UK interest. Diplomats point to access to the financial services market as obvious candidates.

“If we really believe in the Good Friday Agreement, as the British government is doing, for peace in Northern Ireland, it means we have to make sure that the NI protocol works properly,” Justis said.

“We will work with the EU to find solutions.” He added. “We want to work with the EU on a reasonable basis.”

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